5 instances when players missed the game for strange reasons; Though International Cricket is the professional sport, it has got some stories that seem like a schoolboy error. We came across players missing the game either for being rested or getting injured. But also, there are few instances when players missed for some strange reasons.

Here are the 5 Instances when players missed the game for strange reasons:


Surprised to hear? Yes, but it had happened in 1878. Guess what? The father of the player itself did it. Billy Midwinter had the chance to play either for England or Australia due to obvious reasons.

5 Instances When Players Missed The Game For Strange Reasons, missed the game for Strange reasons
Billy (Credits – Sportskeeda)

As per the records, England is the hometown for Billy while Australia is his adopted home. The rule was passed that the player can be played for any country based on the importance at the certain time.

It was the day when both the teams have got the matches and are a player short. However, the played padded up for Australia by neglecting his hometown. It didn’t sit well with his father, WC Grace, who booked a car and kidnapped his son to make him play him for England.

How funny it that from WC Grace? Later, Billy played for Australia but wasn’t successful for the team thus ending his career on the wrong side of the things.

—-> Fishing:

I am sure you are surprised by the reason, fishing. But, yeah, it happened with the legendary, Andrew Symonds. The former Australian great is fond of fishing and often spends time with the hobby.

Andrew Symonds (Credits – Twitter)

But, unfortunately, it made him miss an international game. Andrew Symonds was very busy fishing on a day of the international match, which he was thought a rest day for the players.

After the incident, the leadership troop handed the punishment to Symonds by not letting him play in entire Australia vs Bangladesh series. However, the day ended on a sorry note for the big man.

In another story, Fishing almost took away the life of Andrew Symonds. He and Mathew Hayden have to swim at least for an hour in a sea that is well-known for sharks after the boat sank while fishing.

Shane Watson with Mitchell Johnson

—-> Not Finishing the homework:

Yeah, the players in Australian dugout missed the game for not finishing the homework given by the coach Mickey Arthur during the India Tests in 2013. The coach gave the work to Shane Watson, Mitchell Johnson, James Pattinson, and Usman Khawaja to improve their game.

However, the funky group returned with the empty hands thus receiving the punishment from the boss man. Though the players were unhappy with the decision, they were dismissed by the management for neglecting the work.

Aaron Finch, IPL,
Aaron Finch (Credits – AFP)

—->Missing Kit Bag:

You might wonder thinking that how can a batsman miss his kit bag while attending an international game. However, it wasn’t still clear how the kit bag got lost while arriving at the Wankhede Stadium.

However, it cost Aaron Finch to sit out in the game for Gujarat Lions, which opened the chance for Jason Roy to get the game. However, people might wonder that Finch can play the game by buying a new kit at the store.

Later, the teammate, Brendon McCullum clarified that Aaron Finch could not use the other’s kit because of his commitment to the various sponsors.

Shoaib Akhtar
Shoaib Akhtar. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

—-> Hitting Teammate with the bat:

Though it sounds odd, it had happened in international cricket. Shoaib Akhtar, the aggressive, fast bowler, has been the player to miss out the game. The incident occurred ahead of the 2007 ICC World T20 when Shoaib hit Mohammed Asif with a willow.

Shoaib Akhtar cited it was an unintentional hit by him that struck on the left thigh of Mohammed Asif. Akhtar also revealed Shahid Afridi’s words on his family provoked him.

However, Afridi didn’t agree to Akhtar’s statement, and Asif also revealed he didn’t receive an apology. All in all, it was one of those issues, which made him the favourite child of controversies.