5 Players With The Most Number Of Golden Ducks In ODI Cricket

5 Players With The Most Number Of Golden Ducks In ODI Cricket

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One of the most dreaded sight for any batsman in cricket is seeing a duck against his name on the scorecard. ‘Duck’ in cricket refers to a batsman getting dismissed without troubling the scorers. Remember the gold old days of the 1990s where we used to see a duck waging on our screens every time a batsman made his way back to the pavilion after scoring zero?

Of course, ducks are also classified into two categories in cricket- golden and diamond. While a golden duck refers to the batsman getting dismissed on the very first delivery of his innings, diamond duck means a batsman got dismissed even without facing a delivery. The latter usually happens if a batsman is run-out at the non-striker end or stumped by a wicket-keeper on a wide.

On this note, here’s a look at the players who have registered the most number of golden ducks in ODI cricket:

Moin Khan-11

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Moin Khan believes Sarfraz Ahmed should be named as Pakistan captain until 2019.
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The feisty lower-order batsman, who was renowned for his counterattacking knocks while batting in the lower-middle order for Pakistan in the 90s, Moin Khan is the only wicket-keeper to feature in this list.

The 1992 World Cup winner, under whose leadership Pakistan won their maiden Asia Cup title (in 2000), Moin Khan registered 11 golden ducks in his 183 innings International career.

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