A Man from Bengal Arrested for Proposing Sachin Tendulkar’s Daughter

Sara Tendulkar Man Proposed
A man is arrested for proposing Sara Tendulkar, daughter of legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

A man from Bengal arrested for proposing Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara Tendulkar. The guy arranged her number and expressed his love for her. Notably, he gave her a proposal to marry ten to fifteen days back.

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The young man named Devkumar Maiti resides in Mahishadal of East Midnapore. A team of Mumbai police came and arrested the young man yesterday.

According to the sources, he also called at Sachin’s office to reach out to her daughter. Irritated by his act, Sachin filed a complaint with the Bandra police station in Mumbai. Soon after tracking the phone number, a special team of Mumbai police reached Mahishadal. With the help of the local police station, Mumbai arrested Dev Kumar from Anduliya.

As per reports, Devkumar will be presented in Haldia court today, as the Mumbai police will file an application to take him to Mumbai on transit remand.

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The police will further investigate on how he arranged the phone number of Sara.

Although the family of the assault claims, he is mentally imbalanced and he is under treatment for the past eight years. The family of the accused also claims that a relative from Mumbai helped Devkumar to get Sara’s number. Notably, Devkumar visited Mumbai approximately a year ago.

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Devkumar is known to be a good artist in his locality. However, he is not too much perturbed by arrest. He has also admitted that he loves Sara and wants to marry her. Further, he has tattooed Sara’s name on his hand. Devkumar also talked about his relation to the neighbours and admitted he is getting married to Sachin’s daughter Sara.

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