Abuse Stopped Play During Blind World Cup Final Between India Pakistan

Abuse Stopped Play During Blind World Cup Final Between India and Pakistan

India Vs Pakistan is one of the most intense cricketing rivalries not just because of the sporting history but because of their political history. The two countries have played some great matches in the past, and the fans want to see more of it. This time around, blind cricketers from the two nations are currently sweating it out in the final of the Blind Cricket World Cup in Sharjah.

Blind World Cup 2018, Pakistan, India, Visua, Five Players, Badar Munir
Photo Credit: PBCC.

However, the intensity and the desperation of winning the match, especially against each other in a World Cup final seems to have gotten to the nerves of not only the players but also the fans who currently in the stadium watching the match live in the stadium.

Blind World Cup 2018, India, Pakistan UAE, Sharjah
Blind World Cup 2018 is the fifth edition so far. Photo Credit: Web.

India won the toss and chose to field first. Pakistan scored 308 in their 50 overs setting India a daunting target of 309 in their quota of 50 overs. However, an instance which does not go with the spirit of the game occurred during the Indian run chase.

The match was stopped because the Indian cricketers were unhappy with the chants from the crowd during their innings, and the match had to be stopped.

A Pakistani journalist present at the venue Tweeted:

“Abuse stopped play – Indian players unhappy with chants from the crowd in the Blind World Cup Final against Pakistan #Cricket”

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