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Allan Border, the legendary former Australian captain and the 1987-World Cup winner, has expressed his concerns at the Indian Premier League taking precedence over the ICC T20 World Cup, which is scheduled to take place in October Down Under. With a plethora of sporting events including the Indian Premier League, Olympics, La Liga getting postponed due to the proliferation of the pandemic that is the coronavirus [COVID-19], speculations had galore around the viability of staging the T20 World Cup in Australia in October.

Allan Border Appeals To The Member Boards To Not Allow Its Players To Participate In The IPL If It Takes Precedence Over T20 World Cup
Jubilant English team after the 2010 T20 WC win (Photo-Cricket Dawn)

While the International Cricket Council is set to take a decision on the future of the T20 World Cup, reports have emerged that the tournament may be postponed till 2022 and during the same window, the 13th edition of the cash-rich Indian Premier League might be staged.

Speaking on ABC’s Grandstand Cafe radio program. the former Australian expressed his displeasure at the prospect of the IPL taking precedence over a global event, reckoning that it is just a money grab.

“[I’m] not happy with that, the world game should take precedence over a local competition. So, the World T20, if that can’t go ahead, I don’t think the IPL can go ahead. I would question that decision [to replace it] — it’s just a money grab, isn’t it, that one? The World T20 should take precedence, for sure.” Allan Border said.

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‘That would be going down the wrong path’- Allan Border on IPL taking precedence over T20 World Cup

Alan Border Appeals To The Member Boards To Not Allow Its Players To Participate In The IPL If It Takes Precedence Over T20 World Cup
Deccan Chargers. Photo Credit: BCCI/IPL.

Allan Border accepted the fact that with 80 percent of the global revenue coming from India, they will have a fair say in all the matters, but the former Aussie captain appealed to the member nations to not let it happen.

Border also advised that other boards should not allow their players to participate in the IPL because, according to him, if they do allow their players then that would be “going down the wrong path”

“That would be just shut the gate, you know, India running the game. They’re pretty close to it now, but I suppose if you’re responsible for 80 percent of global [cricket] income, you’re going to have a fair say in what goes on, I get that,” Allan Border said.

He added: “But I think the world game can’t allow that to happen. The home boards should stop their players going to the IPL if that’s the case. I don’t think you can have India superseding what the international game has in place. That would be going down the wrong path.”

Meanwhile, reports suggest that the T20 World Cup is almost set to be cancelled with a formal announcement set to take place next week.

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