England Test captain Joe Root stated that Ashes will be even bigger than the World Cup title. The English team was able to savour success for the first time when they went on to lift the World Cup. England was able to get over the line as they had hit more boundaries in their innings as compared to New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Joe Root has shifted his focus to the next big thing, the Ashes. The oldest cricketing rivalry will commence between the two nemeses from 1st August. Joe Root said that he is looking forward to the series with all the zest. The atmosphere is always massive before the Ashes and there would be a lot of expectations from England as they are now the World champions.

Joe Root (Credits; Getty)

“There’s been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes to make sure we’re ready when that comes around,” Root was quoted as saying by cricket.com.au.

“It always is so special: the atmosphere; the two weeks leading in; the way it builds; the way the guys get excited about it. It’s like no other series in Test cricket. I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be massive. Especially on the back of this. It will make it even bigger,” the England Test skipper added.

Meanwhile, England had got the better of Australia in the semifinal of the World Cup. In fact, England had absolutely thrashed Australia as they won by eight wickets and had 107 balls to spare.

Joe Root
Joe Root. Twitter

England had the rub of the green on their side as they had hit more boundaries in the final. However, the rules were there in place before the match and the credit should be given to the Eoin Morgan-led side.

“We couldn’t be in a better place, really,” Root said, as England defeated Australia in the World Cup semifinals at Edgbaston last week.

“Having achieved what we’ve achieved here, there will be talking about us going one step better and picking ourselves up off the back of it. But ultimately the confidence this will give the guys to take into a series like that — especially the way we’ve played against Australia at Edgbaston in that semi — the guys involved will relish that and want more of that,” the 28-year-old added.

“The feeling of euphoria we felt at that ground and yesterday. To experience all that again is very exciting. Ashes cricket always has a different edge to it and that in itself will get everyone going,” Root said.

England will take on Australia in the first Ashes Test at Edgbaston, Birmingham.