Ashish Nehra
Ashish Nehra (Credits: Twitter)

Veteran Indian pacer Ashish Nehra has said that the Indian playing XI has seen a lot of instability in the last couple of years which isn’t good for the team. Ashish Nehra noted that it is good to apply some constant pressure on the players but having an irregular playing XI can cost the team in big games.

Nehra’s words are true to a large extent as team India suffered in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 due to the same irregularity. It wasn’t reflected in the majority of the competition as India’s top order worked as a dominant force, but it was in the semi-final against New Zealand when the top order failed miserably, and India were exposed badly in their middle order which led to their eventual demise and elimination from the world cup.

India (Credits: Twitter)

Now, Ashish Nehra has also raised questions over the irregularity in the Indian team and stated that it isn’t good for the team.

Ashish Nehra Raises Questions Over Irregularity In The Indian Team

Nehra, who was part of 2011 ICC World Cup-winning team, said that he felt that the team management had made too many changes in the team in the past two years and that upsets the core of the team.

Ashish Nehra
Ashish Nehra

“You should keep your players on their toes there is no doubt about that. Sometimes few players tend to take a backseat and it is important to put pressure on them. But there have been too many changes in the playing XI over the past two years,” he said.

This Indian Side Is Nowhere Close To The Famous Australian Squad: Ashish Nehra

Nehra also said that the current Indian team is nowhere close to the all-conquering Australian side of the first decade of the 2000s.

Team India. (Photo: Twitter)

“This Indian team is far from the Australia team. You are talking about an Australian team which won 3 consecutive World Cups, reached the final in 1996, won 18-19 Test matches in home and away conditions. It’s not like this Indian team can not reach there but I believe the core group is very important. A person gets confused after watching many dishes on the table and so it’s important to have fewer but better dishes,” the Delhi paceman said.

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