Australia vs India 2018: Jasprit Bumrah will be an x-factor - Zaheer Khan

Australia vs India 2018: Jasprit Bumrah will Provide X-Factor to Bowling Attack – Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan, Jasprit Bumrah
Zaheer Khan says Bumrah would be India's x-factor on the Australian tour. Image Courtesy: Getty

Former Indian cricketer, Zaheer Khan feels Jasprit Bumrah will play as a critical component in the bowling department in Tests against Australia. However, the first game will begin on December 6th in Adelaide. Meanwhile, the veteran spoke about how Bumrah will make an impact on the Indian bowling side.

Bumrah to play as an x-factor says Zaheer

Zaheer said the pacer should focus more on away swingers to the right-handers. In addition to, Jasprit Bumrah has a typical bowling action and with that, if he can bowl those away inswingers, he will be surely able to create problems for the hosts.

Jasprit Bumrah, Zaheer Khan
Bumrah trains in nets ahead of Adelaide Test. Image Courtesy: Getty

Also, Bumrah had got a wicket in England against a left-hander and Aussies will probably play with four lefties in their XI for the Adelaide Test.

“Bumrah will surely provide that X-factor to the team and his action gives him the advantage as well. I would like to see him focus more on those away swingers as well to the right-handers. That’s something which is very very crucial for him to create those problems to the right-hand batsman consistently. You have seen it in England as well when got that delivery back to the left-hander and got the LBW. You have seen how batsman was confused after that,” Zaheer Khan said.

Furthermore, the 40-year-old veteran also added Bumrah must have control and command over the swing. However, this will cause doubt in the batsman’s mind which will allow him to do something wrong.

However, Jasprit Bumrah had shown a decent consistency in recent times, and his graph proves it all. According to Zaheer Khan, the fast bowler had added some good elements in his bowling action which will surely help him to bowl on the Australian pitches.

Bumrah’s graph shows he has improved

Jasprit Bumrah, Zaheer Khan
Zaheer is left impressed with Bumrah’s career graph. Image Courtesy: Getty

“As a bowler, if you have that command over swing and control over the swing, you can cause a lot of doubt in batsman’s mind. And if you can do that as a bowler, half your battle is done. Something that Bumrah has shown us in the past is that his graph is going upwards. He is adding things to his bowling which has been creating that kind of impact and x-factor for the team.” Zaheer Khan concluded.

Meanwhile, Jasprit Bumrah so far has played six Tests and has bagged 28 wickets to his name. In this brief period, Bumrah had already picked two five-wicket hauls.

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