Matthew Hayden backs Michael Clarke in call for playing tough cricket

Australia vs India 2018: Matthew Hayden Backs Michael Clarke in Call for Playing Tough Cricket

Matthew Hayden, Cheteshwar Pujara
Matthew Hayden. Image Courtesy: Getty

After the ball-tampering saga in March, the Australian players have tried to be the nice blokes in the game of cricket, which didn’t seem good enough for Michael Clarke and Matthew Hayden. Earlier, Clarke had asked the Australians to play tough cricket in the recent interview, and now, it is the turn of the former opener, Matthew Hayden to make a voice on it. He is in complete support to the call given by Clarke to play the old Australian way of cricket.

You don’t play for master degree in proving good bloke – Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden, Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke had earlier suggested the Australians to stop being nice on the field for the sake of it. Image Courtesy: Getty

Meanwhile, Hayden feels there is no point in proving we are good people by letting the opposition win. He added Australia should play competitive cricket and fairly with the utmost attitude, which always kept them on top of the table.

Over the years, Cricket Australia has always played the game with their head held high. But, the latest infamous incident left them in a confused state. It is certainly affecting their progress, something which, former Australian players wants to resolve.

Earlier, Michael Clarke quoted the Australians should play tough cricket, which is always there in their blood. He also wants the players to play the game fearlessly without thinking of the results as well.

Play cricket fearlessly suggests Hayden

Matthew Hayden, Michael Clarke, Australia
Matthew Hayden. Image Courtesy: Getty

‘‘Play tough Australian cricket. Whether we like it or not, that’s in our blood. If you try and walk away from it, we might be the most liked team in the world, we’re not going to win shit. We won’t win a game. Boys and girls want to win.,” Michael Clarke quoted while speaking to Macquarie Sports Radio on Tuesday.

‘‘You play the game in a spirit that’s a competitive spirit and you don’t play because you want to have a masters in being a good bloke,’’ the former Australian opener Matthew Hayden said.

Well, it seems like former cricketers aren’t happy with the style of play that the current cricketers are displaying. However, it would be interesting to see whether the youngsters would consider the latest suggestion or not.


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