BCCI (Credits: Twitter)

Age-fudging has been a big time problem in India, not just in cricket but in various disciplines. The cricket board, on Monday, instead of stiffening its stand on age-fudging rather cut lose as it said the indentified players, admitting to age-fudging will not be handed any kind of punishment.

“Under this scheme, players who voluntarily declare that they have manipulated their date of birth by submitting fake/tampered documents in the past will not be suspended and allowed to participate in the appropriate age group level if they disclose their actual date of birth (DOB),” the BCCI said in a release.

“Players have to submit a signed letter/email along with supporting documents to BCCI Age Verification Dept. revealing their actual DOB before 15th September 2020.”

The statement from the cricket board also said that if the identified players do not accept to age fudging, they will be banned for two years.

“However, if registered players do not disclose the facts and are found to have submitted fake/tampered DOB proof documents by BCCI, then they will be banned for 2 years, and after completion of 2-year suspension, they will not be allowed to participate in age group tournaments of BCCI, as well as, age group tournaments organized by the State Units.”

The BCCI also said that “all cricketers committing Domicile fraud, including senior men & women, will be banned for 2 years” and “voluntary disclosure scheme does not apply for cricketers who have committed domicile fraud.”

The BCCI has a dedicated 24X7 helpline for anyone to report age fraud.

“BCCI has a zero-tolerance approach towards age fraud in cricket. Not only have we dedicated a 24/7 helpline to counter this menace, but the Board also has a system in place that thoroughly examines, and cross-verifies documents submitted by its registered players,” said BCCI secretary Jay Shah.

“The Voluntary Disclosure Scheme will provide those who have committed the fraud a chance to come forward and admit their offence.”