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Indian team takes a round during the training session. Credits: PTI.

Last Update on: June 27th, 2018 at 07:24 pm

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The yo-yo test inventor, Dr Jens Bangsbo has given a cautionary warning to the Indian team. The Danish scientist who invented the fitness test in the 1990s said the test serves best when it is used to optimise training.

Furthermore, Jens said the test is useful in building the endurance of the players.

In fact, Jens Bangsbo served as the assistant coach to Italy’s football club, Juventus FC. Moreover, Jens also provided his insights to the Denmark national team.

Indian team takes around during the training session. Credits: PTI.

The Professional cricketers should easily achieve the Score of 16.1.

Meanwhile, Jens believes Indian board should be careful in using the fitness test for selection.

Jens said while talking to the Indian Express that there are different aspects in cricket which should be given importance.  

“You have to be careful about using this as the sole test for selection. You have to be always careful in using it as a selection criterion in sports like cricket. It’s not bad, though, to have a lower level (16.1 is lower spectrum) as everybody needs to have a minimum level of fitness. But whether you should use this for selection criteria is up to the federations but I would say you have to be careful; as there are other qualities that one seeks in a sportsman”.

Furthermore, Jens believes the score of 16.1 is a low score in the yo-yo fitness test.

However, Ravi Shastri had increased the passing score from 16.1 to 16.3. Jens went on to add the fittest football players achieve the score of more than 20 in the fitness test.

“Basically, the yo-yo is a very good tool to get an idea about fitness capacity of an athlete. But the question is whether skill and mental capabilities are also important in a particular sport. Of course, there should be a basic fitness level for them to execute their skills well. I hear that 16.1 is set as the benchmark and I should say that it’s not very harsh or too high. It’s pretty okay. Extremely fit footballers hit more than 20, sometimes 21 also. In any case, the capacity of a player and the sport which he is playing needs to be factored in to arrive at an ‘ideal’ benchmark”.

Ravi Shastri
Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Yo-Yo test is here to stay, says Ravi Shastri.

Jens went on to add the fitness test is a great tool to improve the fitness of the team. The test inventor said the professional athletes should easily achieve the score of 16.1.

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Thus, Indian team management has given particular importance to the fitness test.

“The test is a tool to measure the individual’s capacity. What is more important is to use this as a tool to measure and get better. This is a useful tool to find out how we train and how to improve the training to get the players fitter. This is how it is used by football clubs and that’s the constructive way. Since the level (16.1) isn’t that high, I can sense that they are expecting a minimum fitness level in their players.”

Meanwhile, the Indian head coach, Ravi Shastri had made it clear the yo-yo test is here to stay in the Indian cricket.

In fact, there was some confusion after players were shown the exit doors after failing to clear the yo-yo test. Thus, it was unfortunate for players like Ambati Rayudu and Sanju Samson who had performed well in the IPL.

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