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England’s star all-rounder Ben Stokes has vouched for cricket matches to take place behind closed doors in empty stadiums. Ben Stokes has said that playing games behind closed doors won’t make the game less competitive and there is no issue if cricket becomes a TV sport only.

With the coronavirus pandemic bringing the world to a standstill, major cricketing events all across the globe have come to a halt. All the bilateral series and multi-nation tournaments have either been postponed or suspended permanently. Now, with situations worsening, certain cricketers have raised their voice to start playing games behind closed doors.

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Ben Stokes is the recent addition to the list and has stated that he has no problem in playing cricket behind closed doors.

Ben Stokes Vouches For Cricket Behind Closed Doors

Voicing his opinion on whether the upcoming England-West Indies series at home will lose its sheen if played behind closed doors, Ben Stokes told BBC Radio 5 Live:“I don’t think so. Think about it, we are walking out to represent our country, three lions on our chest and there is game that we are supposed to win. So whether it is in front of nobody or like we are used to in-front of full crowd, I don’t think it’s going to take that competitive side away.”

Ben Stokes

The England all-rounder admitted it would take time to adjust to the possible scenario after being used to playing in packed stadiums.

“Yeah, completely different scenario to get our heads around that there isn’t going to be the atmosphere or cheering (of supporters) when we play international games,” said Ben Stokes, who has played 63 Tests, 95 ODIs and 26 T20Is.

He added that cricket on TV is the best option for the time being. “We would do anything to get cricket back on TVs, and people, who follow and watch. If that means playing in-front of nobody then so be it,” he said.

Major Cricketing Events Come To A Hold After Coronavirus Outbreak

The sporting spectrum has also faced a lot due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Major cricketing action all across the globe has come to a standstill. India has also suffered a massive loss due to the rapid spread of the virus, and the entire country has come to a grinding halt. India was in a 21-day national lockdown from March 25, and now the nation-wide lockdown has been extended until May 17.

Recently, the IPL 2020 was suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak. To the disappointment of the cricket fans, the India-South Africa ODI series has also been called off. Apart from it, the Road Safety World Series has also been suspended.

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IPL Trophy. Photo by: Deepak Malik /SPORTZPICS for BCCI

The ECB had decided to postpone the two-match Test series against Sri Lanka due to the coronavirus pandemic. The series was to be a part of the World Test Championship (WTC).

All the English players playing in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) were called back immediately, and the tournament has been postponed.

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