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Jasprit Bumrah, Indian fast bowler, has impinged himself as one of the leading bowlers in world cricket and he has done that through consistent hard work, resilience, character, unrelenting grit and his unorthodox action.

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Bumraj’s unorthodox action has been one of his greatest strengths and it is also the most talked-about facet of his game. There has been a lot of discussion regarding the long term feasibility of Bumrah’s action, especially in Test cricket.

Team Indian coach Bharat Arun has reckoned that he aims at preparing Jasprit Bumrah’s body in such a manner that it can take the rigours of an unconventional action.

“We knew that Bumrah has an unconventional action. So there will be a lot of strain and effort which he would be putting on his body. So, we have been preparing in such a way so that his body can take the rigours of an unconventional action,” Bharat Arun told India women’s team coach WV Raman.

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Changing Jasprit Bumrah bowling style might not have guaranteed: Bharat Arun

Jasprit Bumrah, Bharat Arun
Jasprit Bumrah (Credits: Twitter)

Bharat Arun also added that changing Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling style may not have guaranteed him the same success.

“Changing his bowling style might not have guaranteed the bowler’s performance at his optimum level. So rather than trying to change him (Bumrah’s bowling style), we might as well make him stronger physically in all the different parameters of fitness so that he is able to take the rigours of conventional action,” he added.

According to Arun, if a bowler is successful in the unconventional action then there is no need to change his bowling style.

“If bowlers having unconventional action are being effective, then I wouldn’t recommend changing their action,” he asserted.

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