Carlos Brathwaite And Sam Billings Weigh In On The Challenges And The Future Prospects Of The T10 Format

Carlos Brathwaite And Sam Billings Weigh In On The Challenges And The Future Prospects Of The T10 Format

Carlos Brathwaite
Carlos Brathwaite. Credit: Twitter

With the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in full flow in the UAE, the stage is also being set for the Abu Dhabi T10 League. The likes of Sam Billings and Carlos Brathwaite, who are not part of the 13th edition of the IPL, are also seasoned, short-format players. Hence, they have weighed on the challenges of the T10 format as compared to the T20 apart from its future.

The T20 format was as is a massive revolution in the game of cricket. The inception of Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 was a further turning point in the history of the game, paving the way for cricketers to deploy the style of that game in other formats too. Eventually, the T10 version also came into being when the Abu Dhabi T10 tournament was introduced in 2010.

Sam Billings
Sam Billings

According to Sam Billings, it’s the pace of the game, given it’s only ten overs that separates the T10 from T20 format. Hence, one has to attack from the outset and wasting a few deliveries could put the batsmen under intense pressure. The players have to stay on point from the beginning till the end.

I think it’s really the pace of the game, and given its span of only 10 overs, that really separates the T10 format from the T20 format. The format is more compact and you have to be in the game right from the beginning. Say you waste a few deliveries, in fact just one, and suddenly the pressure is on the batsman. The key is to be in the game from the beginning until the end,” Billings stated as quoted by India Today.

“It will be at the forefront of developing skills” : Carlos Brathwaite

Carlos Brathwaite, Lendl Simmons
Credits – CPL

According to West Indies all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite, the T10 version is about handling pressure and doing the basics correctly. The towering cricketer added that the only way cricket can enter in olympics is through this as it will attract more and more viewers. Brathwaite opines that the T10 format would also be the frontrunner in developing the skills of the players, taking it to yet another level as T20 has done.

It’s about handling pressure and a player needs to get the basics right. It will interest a person to get into cricket. It’s only 10 overs. Let’s get through 60 balls and have a game of cricket. Let’s see what it’s like. I hope that in my lifetime cricket can get into the Olympics. And this is one way I see it being feasible,” Brathwaite claimed.

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