Costliest Dropped Catches In Cricket

Costliest Dropped Catches In Cricket

Gibbs drops the 'World Cup [Photo-Google]
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“Catches win matches” I know this is one of the most cliched statements in the world of cricket but the fact of the matter is, time and again we have seen it hold true.

Over the years, we have seen an outrageous catch completely change the course of the match and the series. The reverse is equally true.

Here’s a look at the costliest drops in cricket:

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Thisara Perera drops Rohit Sharma, Eden Gardens, 2014

Costliest Drop Catches In Cricket
Rohit Sharma dropped during his 264 [Photo-Google]
Probably the costliest drop in the history of One-day International cricket; one that paved way for the first-ever 250+ score by a batsman in limited-overs cricket but also etched his history.

And, the culprit was Thisara Perera, who dropped a simple catch offered by Rohit Sharma when he was on four. Sharma would go on to add another 260 runs, shellacking the Sri Lankan bowlers to all corners of the Eden Gardens and etching his name into the annals of ODI cricket.

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