Cricket Australia Reacts To ICC’s Decision To Postpone The 2020 World T20

Cricket Australia Reacts To ICC's Decision To Postpone The 2020 World T20
Nick Hockley. (Credits: Web)

On Monday, the ICC held one of the most looked forward to meetings in recent times. It entailed postponing the 2020 ICC World T20 slated to take place in Australia later this year on which Cricket Australia has also reacted. Cricket Australia thoroughly welcomes the comprehensibility given by deferring of the mega event due to the uncertainty created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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For a brief period, Australia seemed bullish about hosting the tournament, including the Prime Minister musing about allowing spectators within the stadium. Former Cricket Australia chief Kevin Roberts warned of “high-risk” impact if it goes ahead. The apex body of cricket also decided on postponing it, owing to the logistical challenges of accommodating 16 teams amid COVID-19 restrictions.

Cricket Australia, T20 World Cup
T20 World Cup (Photo: Twitter)

In addition to that, ICC announced that India and Australia would stage the T20 World Cups in 2021 and 2022. However, it remains unclear who would host which edition. Cricket Australia’s interim CEO Nick Hockley said that they welcome the clarity, which is imperative for them to start planning for the future and deliver to the best of their abilities. Hockley understands the ongoing safety and health crisis, which is a significant factor in postponing the event.

We absolutely welcome the clarity, which is obviously important to make sure we can plan and deliver the best possible summer we can. “It goes back to safety and getting the best possible understand of the health situation and working with the latest and best available information,” Hockley said as quoted by India Today.

In terms of 2021 versus 2022 we just want to see two great events go ahead in India and Australia: Cricket Australia

Nick Hockley (Courtesy: Twitter)
Nick Hockley (Courtesy: Twitter)

Nick further remarked that for either of the events, whether it’s 2021 or 2022, the plans are coming off pretty well. Either way, he was glad about the extended time that they have received to make all the possible arrangements about the welfare of all the stakeholders involved. Cricket Australia boss understands such measures are essential since it remains uncertain until when will the pandemic last.

In terms of 2021 versus 2022 we just want to see two great events go ahead in India and Australia. If it’s 21, the plans are really, really well progressed — we’re really well placed to deliver on that. But …. equally, if it’s 2022, it will be a fantastic event. In many ways it gives a little bit more time to create even more additional certainty around it, the health situation, because I think one thing, no-one knows how long this is going to last,” he added.

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