Cricketers who were involved in sex scandals

One of the worst possible things that a cricketer could get involved in is the nasty stuffs he does away from the cricket field and get caught red-handed in front of the public. We often get to know many footballers getting involved in sex scandals and get caught frequently in the media. Cricketers aren’t good either. Some of these scandals involving these cricketers might stun you.

The latest player to be involved in such scandal is India’s fast-bowler Mohammed Shami. Hasin Jahan, the cricketer’s wife, accused her husband of having multiple extra-marital affairs and physically assaulting and threatening her.

In order to back her claims, Jahan posted several screenshots on social media. The pictures showed the chats Shami allegedly had with these women.

So with Shami’s incident rocking the cricketing fraternity, here we are taking a look at some famous players who were caught in such acts:

Shane Warne:

Cricketers who were involved in sex scandals

Shane Warne, who is arguably one of the greatest spinners the game has ever seen has been involved in some of the naughty stuffs away from the cricket field. Warne, who has been respected as a legend of the game doesn’t have the ideal attitude away from the game. Warne made the headlines in the year 2000 when he consistently harassed British nurse Donna Wright with continuous text messages and phone calls. This incident took place when he was playing a county game for his team Hampshire and as a result, he lost his vice-captaincy from the National Australian side. But still Warne didn’t get over it and kept on doing his naughty stuffs away from the field. He again made the headlines in 2006, Warne was caught in front of the media with two 25-year-old models in Hampshire’s championship match against Middlesex. “Shane blew our minds,” claimed one of the young ladies, MTV presenter Coralie Eichholtz . “He was so fit. I’d give him top marks for more than satisfying us.” Warne’s wife Simone had filed a divorce by then.

Kevin Pietersen:

Cricketers who were involved in sex scandals

Kevin Pietersen without a doubt is one of the greats of English cricket. But often he made the headlines due to his cocky behavior off the field. If sources are to be believed Pietersen had an affair with fellow South African Vanessa Nimmo. After spending some intense moments with Vanessa Nimmo Pietersen dumped Nimmo with leaving just an SMS to her. Nimmo quoted that “ Kevin was desperate for sex and kept on harassing me and certainly wasn’t hit for a six by his performance” claimed the women with disdain.

Shahid Afridi:

Cricketers who were involved in sex scandals

Before heading to a tournament in Singapore Pakistani cricketers Shahid Afridi and Atiq uz-Zaman and Hasan Raza were seen with a group of  young ladies in their Karachi hotel rooms. Even though the players claimed that they came to collect autographs the PCB wasn’t convinced with their words. Further, these players were banned and fined and were not allowed to participate in the champions trophy which held in Kenya 2000. Although Afridi took it personally and said that their family members were very critical of him and said this was the difficult phase in his career and it will be difficult to turn around from here but I will give my best shot.

Mike Gatting: 

Cricketers who were involved in sex scandals

Mike gatting would often come into the picture by being the victim of Shane Warne’s ball of the century. Being a successful England captain, Gatting was found alleged in illegal activities. Gatting was accused by Sun and Today for secretly having an affair with the barmaid during the first test against the West Indies at Trent Bridge. However, Gatting denied the claims but the English Board dismissed him. They said that they didn’t think Gatting slept with the barmaid but he shouldn’t have let her in his room

Daryl Tuffey:

Cricketers who were involved in sex scandals

New Zealand fast bowler Daryl Tuffey bumped into a cellular shop in March 2005 where two English tourists used their mobile to allegedly film Tuffey having sex with a 23-year-old Christchurch sales representative. The English tourists were found nowhere after the whole story broke. However, the Woman who involved in the story said that she has never met Tuffey and there was no source of any video clippings to come into a judgement.

Mohammad Akram and Saqlain Mushtaq:

Cricketers who were involved in sex scandals

The Pakistan Cricket team threatened by making statements of cancelling the tour of South Africa in February 1998 where bowlers Mohammad Akram and Saqlain Mushtaq were attacked in a public place. Both the players were injured during the incident. But more and more the Pakistanis kept on complained the rumors started to creep in. The injured players were never seen of complaining to the police regarding this incident. They were in fact found in a bar brawl at a local strip club called club 69.

West Indies 2005:

Cricketers who were involved in sex scandals

When the West Indies were dethroned from the 2005 VB series after losing five games in six matches, the sponsors Digicel had a go at the West Indian players for “having more telephone numbers than runs”. Richard Nowell claimed that he could hear numerous females voices along the players Hotel corridor after 1 am on the day before the match between West Indies vs Australia. Having fun is fine but not at the expense of your performance, Richard Nowell further added. The typical incident took place at Perth at the most crucial phase of the tour where a player flew in a girl from Adelaide.

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