I Think There Is A Bit Of Bromance: David Hussey On The Relationship Between Dinesh Karthik And Andre Russell
Dinesh Karthik and Andre Russell [Photo-Getty]

David Hussey, the former Australian batsman, has reckoned that getting some cricket in times of corona is a very lucky opportunity. Hussey is part of the revamped coaching set-up of the Kolkata Knight Riders, where he will be performing the duties of ‘team mentor’.

Hussey, in a recent interview to the Indian Express, opened up about the jovial mode in the KKR camp besides hailing skipper Dinesh Karthik for his leadership qualities and his drive towards achieving the goal for his side, which is to win games.

“Karthik is a straightforward person who backs his teammates to get the job done. It’s a good sign of leadership. He is high maintenance at a time because he loves the game of cricket. There is no malice but only winning the game,” David Hussey said.

Hussey also opened up about the weather conditions in the UAE. His role as a mentor will be to ensure that players are best prepared for their games- both physically and mentally.

“With the heat and the weather, it is going to be very hard. But I am hoping the conditions might be windy as well. We are playing most of our games during the day, so that will be some respite for the boys,” Hussey added.


‘They are pretty close’- David Hussey on Dinesh Karthik and Andre Russell

David Hussey, Dinesh Karthlk, Andre Russell
Dinesh Karthik and Andre Russell [Photo-PTI]
KKR had a disappointing campaign last year, where there were talks of a rift between skipper Dinesh Karthik and star all-rounder Andre Russell. Russell had even vented his frustration in the press-conference, attributing KKR’s performance to ‘bad decisions’ and ‘poor team environment’.


Back in July, Dinesh Karthik had cleared up the air by saying that he had a ‘man-to-man’ discussion with Dre Russ and that there is no rift between them. Karthik and Russell even did an Instagram Live session alongside fellow teammate Sunil Narine.

David Hussey too shrugged off the speculations of a possible rift between the star duo, claiming that they have a bit of a bromance going on between them.

“There is no rift or anything there. Actually, I think there is a bit of bromance there and they are pretty close which is fantastic for the group,” said Hussey, who has previously represented KKR between 2008-10.


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