ECB, 100-ball format
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The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has revealed the playing conditions for the 100-ball format. The format which has drawn ire from the cricket world is all set to make its debut in the next season of English cricket. There will be 100 balls in each innings of the game. Furthermore, the bowler will change end after every 10 balls.

Meanwhile, one bowler will be able to either bowl five or 10 balls on the trot. Thus, a particular bowler will be permitted to bowl a maxumum number of 20 balls in the match.

ECB, Ian Lovett, President
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In fact, the fans and the cricket experts have lashed out at the format. The 100-ball format is further complicating the game. There is already T20 cricket in place, which is doing a fine job. Thus, it doesn’t make any sense to reduce 20 balls in an innings and alter the playing conditions.

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On the other hand, the England board (ECB) has made the amendments to attract the young crowd towards the game. Therefore, it would be interesting to note how the new version will fare out in the forthcoming English season.

ECB, 100-ball format
ECB has come up with 100-ball format (Photo by Philip Brown/Getty Images)

The game is already titled in favour of the batsmen. Subsquently, the shorter the format will get, there would be more chances of hammering the bowler.

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There is already T10 league going on in Sharjah which is giving the license to the batters to swing their bat from the get-go. Hence, the respective boards and the International Cricket Council must be guile in allowing these formats to be played.

The game is not all about entertainment and hitting fours and sixes, is going to take away the essence of the sport.

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