Ehsan Mani Reckons Having The Next ICC Chairperson From Outside Of The 'Big 3' Will Be Beneficial For The Game

Ehsan Mani Reckons Having The Next ICC Chairperson From Outside Of The ‘Big 3’ Will Be Beneficial For The Game

Ehsan Mani
Ehsan Mani (Credits: Getty)

Ehsan Mani, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has reckoned that it will be ‘healthier’ for the game if the new chairman of the International Cricket Council does not come from the ‘Big Three’ boards representing India, England, and Australia.

Mani, in a recent conversation with Forbes, said that the policies introduced by the ‘Big 3’ in BCCI, ECB, and CA haven’t proved to be healthy for the governing body.

Shashank Manohar, the former ICC chairman, resigned from his post back in July but the apex body hasn’t yet been able to zero in on the next contender.

“It would be healthier to have someone (the chairperson) not from the ‘big three’. The politics introduced by Australia, England and India in 2014 to protect their positions – now they are struggling to unwind it because it doesn’t suit them anymore.”


Ehsan Mani on ICC’s funding model being heavily skewed in favor of ‘Big Three’

Ehsan Mani
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Ehsan Mani further alleged that the ICC revenue model is heavily skewed in favor of England and India, referring to the agreement according to which the ECB and BCCI were projected to receive US$ 139 million as compared to other member boards, who had to settle for US$ 129 million.

“It’s not only the funding model that is wrong and skewered to India and also to some degree England. They allocated ICC events to themselves, gave themselves generous hosting fees and the benefits from gate money and hospitality,’’ Mani said.

He also said that there has been favoritism when it comes to allocating ICC events. While England hosted the 2017 Champions Trophy and the 2019 World Cup, India and Australia will be hosting the next two T20 World Cups followed by India hosting the next 50-over World Cup in 2023.

”In 2019 [World Cup hosts] England would have made what Pakistan, West Indies or South Africa do over an eight-year period. That’s what’s wrong with the system.” he signed off.

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