ENG Vs IND, 2018: Kapil Dev Maintains Patience is the Key to Success in England

ENG Vs IND, 2018: Kapil Dev Maintains Patience is the Key to Success in England

Kapil Dev, England, India
Kapil Dev throws his support behind Team India in England. Photo Credit: BCCI.

England is always known as a benchmark for cricketers to perform. A player is held in high esteem if he manages to perform there. The Lord’s, known as the Home of Cricket has been one of the greatest ever stadiums in the world. A sense of sophistication among the crowd and the applause one gets after a good innings makes England an enjoyable experience for any professional cricketer in particular. Former Indian World Cup-winning skipper Kapil Dev said England is a country where people acknowledge performances very warmly.

Legendary Dev feels that the challenge experienced in England is of a different level. Kapil made four full tours to England during his time as an Indian cricketer.

It is a country where the Indians haven’t performed quite well on a consistent basis. They have won the odd series here and there but has never managed to win too many Tests in the United Kingdom (UK).

The lateral movement has always made life pretty difficult for the visiting Indian team. However this time around, the teams look well prepared for the challenge. Three to four players in the squad have the experience of playing in the County Championship.

Kapil Dev – learnings from England:

Kapil Dev
Kapil Dev had an experience of conditions in England. Credits: PA Photos.

“Session to session is what I was taught when tackling Test cricket. Each session produces different tests. It is so strongly experienced in England. You are constantly on trial and that’s the beauty of competing in England, intriguing at every step literally,” Sportstar quoted Dev as saying.


“If a slip fielder is ever-alert and under intense scrutiny, it is in England. I have always enjoyed playing there,” Dev stated.

Dev reflected on his previous visits to England in 1979, 1982, 1986 and 1990 respectively beside the 1983 World Cup victory in the same country.

“You feel like a complete cricketer if you perform in England. The bowler has to minutely mind his length and the batsman has to monitor his footwork astutely. It is gripping cricket,” Dev maintained.

Also, Kapil Dev feels that the bowlers must be patient to deliver in England.

Kapil Dev, England, India
Kapil Dev wants Team India to exhibit determination in England. Photo Credit: Web.

“You may go wicketless the whole day because the batsmen are patient. Suddenly, one session may fetch you three or four wickets because the conditions change and favour the bowlers. It is so fascinating and intriguing,” he concluded.

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