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Nathan Lyon’s Ex Wife Says the Australian Team Helped Him Keep His Extra Marital Affair a Secret

Nathan Lyon, Australia, Mel Waring
It wasn't any amicable decision between Nathan Lyon and Mel Waring. Photo Credit: Web.

In the last few days, Team Indian pacer Mohammed Shami has hogged the limelight after his wife Hasin Jahan has alleged him of adultery and having several affairs with other women. Meanwhile, a similar sort of a story has surfaced Down Under on Aussie spinner Nathan Lyon. Some photos of Perth based estate agent Emma McCarthy and Lyon kissing in a car went viral. It eventually led to the breakdown of their decade-long relationship with ex-wife Mel Waring. Lyon has two daughters with her.

Since then Waring has been maintaining a blog with the title ‘Life of Lyons’. “I hope that by choosing to write this blog, I not only help myself by expressing the emotional demons I, can’t speak about in person. I hope to inspire and help someone else know that they aren’t alone,” is a line written in the About Me section in the blog.

In her latest blog titled ‘Alone,’ Mel states about the reality of her condition after getting to know about Lyon’s affair. She further added that there might be the possibility of Australian cricketers helping him to keep the relationship a secret.

Nathan Lyon, Australia, Mel Waring

Mel Waring notes chilling details in her blog after a devastating split. Photo Credit: Mel/Instagram.

Mel says that she didn’t really know what living alone would be like

“I wasn’t sure what being really alone would feel like, being shut out from him. Since saying goodbye it hadn’t really hit me. We have lived a life where he has constantly travelled, cricket was life and touring was a given. Daddy’s at cricket, it’s easy to forget. Today has been different, I have been strong, I have been brave but today I feel weak, I feel small and I feel alone,” she wrote.

“There are words that ring in my ear, that the girls and I don’t need to worry about anything and that they will always come first. These words should give comfort in something so painful yet that’s far from how life is feeling for us right now,” she adds.

“I’m constantly reminded that the team of people who were once there for us both are no longer my friends but my enemy. The words trust no one, have become true and I’m reminded that while he has a team of people around him, protecting him, making life for him easy, I do not.”

Nathan Lyon

during day one of the 1st Investec Ashes Test match between England and Australia at SWALEC Stadium on July 8, 2015, in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Waring has previously stated that the public nature of her separation with Lyon was “humiliating” for her and that she chooses to write about her experiences as a way of coping with her emotions.

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