Twitter can be a cruel place and Royal Challengers Bangalore must have realised it once more on Tuesday. They were cruelly mocked by the fans for their opportunistic tweet. While congratulating NASA for their efforts towards helping find Vikram, the lander deployed in India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission that hard landed earlier this year, Royal Challengers Bangalore tried to glorify their star players AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli.

NASA stated one of its satellites has found the debris of the lander. The space agency released a picture showing the site of the rover’s impact and the “associated debris field”. NASA also credited an Indian engineer, Shanmuga Subramanian, for his role in finding the location of the site of the debris. Mr Subramanian examined a Nasa picture and located the first debris about 750m north-west of the crash site.

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And while almost everyone from India was happy and congratulating NASA for their achievement, Royal Challengers Bangalore used the opportunity for a different purpose. While congratulating the American as well as Indian space agency, they made a special request to the former, writing:

“Congratulations @isro. Watching #Chandrayan2 take off was a fantastic sight! P.S. We have a special request for you, on behalf of our batsmen,” Royal Challengers Bangalore wrote on Twitter.

“Could the #NASA team that found #VikramLander also help us find the cricket balls hit by ABD & Virat,” the franchise added.

Fans unimpressed:

Royal Challengers Bangalore might have thought that their tweet would leave the fans in splits but it was not the case. Most of the fans were not at all impressed with their remark and did not waste much time in trolling them.ย  Most of the fans advised the franchise to up its social media game. From asking the team to first find their IPL trophy to find better bowlers at the upcoming auction, fans came up with a range of reactions.

Here are some of the tweets: