5 Cricketers Whose Life Story Can Make For A Blockbuster Movie

Five Cricketers Whose Life Story Can Make For A Blockbuster Movie

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh. Image credits- AFP.
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Making biopics on famous sports personalities has become a trend in the past few years. The likes of Milkha Singh, Mohammad Azharuddin, MS Dhoni, Mary Kom have all had their biographies being displayed on the silver screen.

But what about others? If you talk specifically about cricket, there are a lot of other cricketers whose initial struggles in life and the rise to eventual fame and of course a multitude of controversies, can be adapted on the 70 mm screen.

Here’s a look at five cricketers whose life story can make for a blockbuster movie:

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Glenn McGrath

Five Cricketers Whose Life Story Can Make For A Blockbuster Movie
Glenn McGrath. Credit: Twitter.

He was a boy who, they shrugged off, as someone who ‘couldn’t bowl’. Too thin, they said. Too tall, they uttered. No better than a broomstick, they declared.

And, yet two decades later, Glenn McGrath went on to become a benchmark for greatness; someone who people thought was destined for greatness.

But, as they say, champions make their own destiny. And, so did Glenn McGrath.

Motivated by burning desire to one day don the baggy green, a 16-year-old McGrath silently trained each day, bowling against a 44-gallon drum, with the sole focus being on being ‘boring’ i.e perfecting line and length

McGrath was eventually spotted by Doug Walters, who he took him to Sydney where the fast bowler used to live in an old caravan, often surviving on eating one Mars a day.

From that position to then becoming an all-time legend, McGrath’s story is of a person who defied every obstacle laid in front of him whether it was his early rejection, his wife’s battle, and eventual demise due to breast cancer, multiple injuries and almost every time came out trumps.

And, if there is one cricketer whose life story deserves to be shown on the silver screen, surely Glenn McGrath got to be that person.

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