Five Instances When Indian Cricketers Abused On the Field

Five Instances When Indian Cricketers Abused On the Field

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Though cricket has always been referred to the gentleman’s game, it has got its dark side as well. There were instances when the abusing on the field stretched a little far thus bringing the black spots to the beautiful game. Sadly, the Indians were too involved. Here, we figured out five such instances when Indian cricketers abused on the field and came up with those unacceptable words.

5. When Ashish Nehra was too harsh on MS Dhoni against Pakistan in 2005:

Back then in 2005, it was the game against arch-rivals Pakistan. Usually, the matches between India and Pakistan always draw massive pressure on the players of either side.

In one of those heat of the game moments, Ashish Nehra swore at Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Five Instances When Indian Cricketers Abused On the FieldComing to the scenario, it was Nehra, who was bowling at full throttle to Pakistan batsmen. His stunning outswinger caught the edge of Shahid Afridi’s willow that flown between MS Dhoni and Rahul Dravid in the vacant 1st slip position.

Dhoni was a newbie in the team at that time around and was on the receiving end of Nehra’s heat. Though it was a difficult catch to get a hold of, Ashish was quite furious about the drop. Later, the abusive comments grabbed the news headlines as it was caught on the stump mic.

Speaking of the same, Nehra in his recent interview stated it was all happened due to the heat of the moment. Especially, with the pressure of performing against Pakistan during those days.

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