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For decades now, cricket has always been termed as a ‘gentleman’s’ game. And even today, the cricketing fraternity hold on to outdated expectations about the men playing the game.

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So, one of the genuine reason behind the game getting this status was because, in its earlier days, the game was dominated by the educated elite ascendancy.

But as much as the game is regarded as gentlemen’s, there is no denying that cricket’s history is filled with incidents that tarnished its image from time-to-time. And it is safe to say that those incidents have increased in modern-day cricket.

Interestingly, players these days rarely think even once before letting their emotions get the better of them. And the results are not very pleasing to the eyes for them who still consider cricket being gentlemen’s game in nutshell.

So, here we take a look at five players who just love to fight on a cricket field:

5. Mitchell Johnson:

Five Players Who Love to Fight on The Cricket Field

Pacers and aggression go hand in hand and the former Australian speedster Mitchell Johnson was not an exception either. He just loved to take on the opposition with his extreme pace bowling as well as his mouth.

Every now and then, he used to get under the skin of the opposition players with his verbal volleys.

In an interview, he had also revealed how he once wanted to punch former England batsman Kevin Pietersen.

Moreover, who can forget the incident when he intentionally threw the ball at Virat Kohli during the series of 2014. Well, the tearaway pacer just loved to keep things animated on the field.

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