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Five instances when Rahul Dravid has shown humility off-the-field

Rahul Dravid, Kevin Pietersen, India, Akshay Dhoke,
Rahul Dravid has been an example of massive success. Photo Credit: Web.

Impeccable in his batting approach and incredible with the bat, Rahul Dravid, who has been known as ‘The Wall’ has displayed the humility for distinct instances – to won many hearts on-and-off-the-ground, as he is celebrating 45th birthday on Thursday (January 11).

Selfless Dravid has so many on-field memories before growing into a cricketing icon, but he has always maintained the credibility to act in his modest way and inspire many throughout his successful 16-year international career.

One of the humble professionals, Dravid had all in him during his playing days and kept it intact after bidding adieu to the gentleman’s game which simultaneously saw him setting his feet firm on the ground.

In the recent past, Dravid has been hailed for being down-to-earth, and many heaped praises on him for living as the real-life champion.

As of now, Dravid is mentoring the youngsters of India A teams which further saw him backing his wards, who have had been struggling in the recent past.

Even having the luxurious cars back home, Dravid has often preferred to travel through the medium of public transport which further saw him simply following his principles of life, and he always wore the smile to help others in his capacity.

Shedding light on his cricket figures, known fondly as Jammy, Dravid has amassed 24,177 international runs in 508 matches (344 ODIs, 164 Tests).

The right-handed batting hero has amassed 36 hundreds in Test fold and 12 in the 50-over format which takes the total to 48, as he also struck 146 half-centuries across formats.

In his solitary T20I against England at Manchester in 2011, Dravid scored 31.

Here’re Rahul Dravid’s five instances of humility which further saw him being respected by the cricketers, fans across the cricketing world:

  • Heartwarming email from Rahul Dravid to Kevin Pietersen for tackling spin:

When the former England batsman Kevin Pietersen was struggling with his technique, it was Dravid, who came to his rescue while having the huge experience on his back.

Regarding the flaw in his technique, Pietersen further improved it and saw a major transformation after Dravid instilled confidence in him with an email.

Interestingly, the email from Dravid further finds a special mention in Pietersen’s autobiography.

Dravid has always been at the forefront to contribute to the cricket in whatever way possible.

  • Rahul Dravid talked via a video call with his ill fan:

During his preparations for the national side, Dravid spent around 60-minute with his ill fan Akshay Dhoke through a Skype.

Dhoke was suffering from the long-term illness which further saw him being the huge fan of the veteran batsman.

Interestingly, Dravid later tendered an apology for not making it to the hospital which further saw doctors shared a delightful conversation, as the other patients and attendants cherished the moment.

Watch it here: 

  • When Dravid turns down the doctorate:

There was a time when the batting mainstay turned down the offer to accept the honorary degree which includes an honorary degree from Gulbarga University in Karnataka in 2014.

The incident happened in January 2017 when Bangalore University conferred the degree on ‘Mr. Dependable.’

Earlier, during the press release, the university remarked they were going to award Dravid an honorary degree during its 52nd Annual Convocation ceremony in Bengaluru.

In response, Dravid stated he would, in fact, look forward to doing his research extensively in the field of sports academics.

Rahul Dravid, Kevin Pietersen, India, Akshay Dhoke,

Rahul Dravid was not okay with the honorary degrees. Photo Credit: BU/Web.

  • That moment when Dravid came in support of blind cricketers:

Known further for perseverance, Dravid, who was named as the Brand Ambassador of for the Cricket for Blind in 2017, has praised the blind cricketers while showing a great commitment and dedication while

Dravid maintained that:

Disability is only in the mind’ while shedding the light on visually challenged cricketers.

Moreover, Dravid remarked he is supposed to take tidbits from the cricketers when he was asked about guiding the blind cricketers.

Watch in detail:

  • Dravid in a queue for children of science exhibition programme:

In November 2017, Dravid was seen in a queue with his children during the science exhibition programme

In a queue like any other parent Dravid, who knows what it takes to fly high. He has always been a calm and composed character – to set a great example of a true gentleman.

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Tahir Ibn Manzoor

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