Former Ranji Trophy Player Jayamohan Thampi Murdered By His Son, Says Police

Former Ranji Trophy Player Jayamohan Thampi Murdered By His Son, Says Police

Jayamohan Thampi
Jayamohan Thampi (Credits: Twitter)

In a shocking turn of events, the death of former Ranji cricketer Jayamohan Thampi (64) has turned out to be a murder. The former cricketer was allegedly killed by his own son. The police on Tuesday recorded the arrest of his son, Aswin (33) following the revelation.

A right-handed wicketkeeper-batsman, Jayamohan Thampi made six first-class appearances. He played for Kerala between 1979 and 1982 and scored 114 runs. Earlier, he had played at the U-22 level for Kerala three years.

He had served as an employee of the State Bank of Travancore and represented them in various tournaments like league tournaments, all India tournaments and associate bank tournaments for close to 15 years. He was also a state selector for the junior team in the 90s.

The police, meanwhile, stated that the death of Jayamohan Thampi resulted owing to a head injury he suffered during a drunken brawl between the father-son duo.  Fort assistant commissioner R Prathapan, who is supervising the investigation, said that the alleged crime took place on Saturday evening.

“The father and son had a habit of regularly consuming alcohol together at home. On Saturday too, they consumed liquor. Aswin, who possessed Jayamohan Thampi’s debit card, wanted to withdraw money from the ATM to buy more liquor, which Thampi refused. This made way for a brawl between them,” the officer was quoted as saying by TOI.

“They brawled on the verandah of the house, where Thampi slipped and fell, banging his face against the floor. He lay there for some time until his son came back and dragged his body back inside the house. Then, he continued to consume liquor until he passed out,” he added.

Jayamohan Thampi’s body was found in a putrefying state in his residence at Manacaud on Monday morning. It were his tenants, who lived in the first floor of his house, alerted the cops after sensing a strong stench emanating from the house.

The report further stated that the doctors, who performed the autopsy examination, told the police that the body was already 36 hours old when found. The former cricketer had suffered a serious injury in the head while his nasal bones had fractured during the fall too.

Meanwhile, the police have invoked Section 302 of the IPC (murder) against Aswin. He will be produced before the court on Wednesday.

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