Over the few years, the endless debate has been the comparison between Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar A lot of cricketing analysts, fanatics expressed their opinions on the best batsman between Sachin and Virat. The latest to enter the bandwagon is Glenn McGrath. Unlike everyone, McGrath gave a unique opinion.

Glenn  McGrath believes that Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest cricketer as of now. He got a solid point that Sachin has played 200 Test matches while Virat Kohli is on his way. However, he feels Virat Kohli has got every ingredient in him to become the best, as he already scoring centuries at a great rate.

Glenn McGrath also expressed that both the stalwart cricketers are unique in their own way. He added that Sachin Tendulkar is a soft person on the field while Virat Kohli likes to carry aggressiveness with him.

 “Sachin was one of the greats of all time, played 200 Tests, scored so many runs. Whether Virat is up with Sachin at this stage? Probably not. But whether Virat will eventually get there, there is a good chance. He already has got his hundreds in quicker time than Sachin. He is well on his way.

Glenn McGrath, Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar
Glenn McGrath Image Courtesy: Getty

Taking a look at their personalities, McGrath said, “Sachin was quieter and soft-spoken on the field. Virat is a little more confident, more aggressive on the field. Tendulkar had virtually no chinks in his technique. What about Kohli? McGrath said, “There is no deficiency in Virat’s technique. Occasionally he might chase a full wide one. Sometimes, you can set him up. But he has so many hundreds already in his career and has such an ability to dominate.”

Australian crowd has respect to Virat Kohli – Glenn McGrath

Further, McGrath believes that when a cricketer is booed by the opposition crowd it means that they actually respect him. He feels that Virat Kohli has got great respect in terms of that.

Glenn McGrath, Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar
Virat Kohli (photo by Morgan Hancock/Action Plus via Getty Images)

 “Sometimes if the opposition crowd gives you a hard time, it is a sign of respect. I think he has a lot of respect here in Australia. If Australians give you a hard time, then they respect you,” he added.

Well, Glenn McGrath has got some high praises for the Indian skipper. As he said, Virat Kohli has got every bit of him to become the greatest of the game when he calls curtains on the game.