Hareem Shah Confirms She Didn't Leak Private Video Of Shaheen Afridi

Hareem Shah Confirms She Didn’t Leak Private Video Of Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Afridi, Hareem Shah
Credits: Twitter

Every cricketer’s life is personal and it is important not to intervene in their life. Mostly, the players keep mum about personal life and they don’t post even a snippet of details on social media. But, these days, many things tend to happen behind the scenes which cricketers should be cautious.

A private video of Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi was leaked on Twitter and moments after it was uploaded, it spread like wildfire. Recently, a person claiming to be the TikTok star by the name of Hareem Shah had posted a personal video of Shaheen Afridi on Twitter

Shaheen Afridi
Shaheen Afridi (Credits: Twitter)

It has been learnt that Hareem Shah was forced into a fresh controversy but she doesn’t have any idea about what actually is going on under her name. Netizens are absolutely furious over Shaheen Afridi for his recent video and the latter was on the receiving end of trolls and abuses for his infamous behaviour, which is deemed contrary to the spirit of moral values.

An account with 72.2k followers claiming to be ‘Hareem Shah’ popped the bubble of Shaheen Shah Afridi. She posted a tweet yesterday and exposed the real face of cricketer and just like in an interactive session to engage the users, she asked everyone to guess who the cricketer is in the video.

The next day when a tweet was posted from that same social media handle, cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi can be seen doing the obscene thing which he shouldn’t be doing. According to the video, Shaheen Shah Afridi showed his private parts and started masturbating on a video call with TikTok user.

The account also further added that this video is not for the #MeToo movement and instead she wants to expose the true face of men how they actually think about women in the first place.

Hareem clarifies she didn’t leak private video of Shaheen Afridi:

Shaheen Afridi
Credits: Twitter

To make things very clear, now Hareem herself conceded that the account was ‘fake’. In fact, she literally has no idea about the video clip. She added in a video that she has just two microblogging accounts on social media which is the ever-so-famous Instagram and trending TikTok. She has no personal account on Twitter.

Now many social media users reckon that someone is trying to defame the cricketer’s reputation. The account was also further investigated, and it was disclosed that the account was under an anonymous man’s name earlier. The twitter account is now deleted.

This isn’t the first time that a Pakistani cricketer was marred with an infamous controversy. Back in July, Imam-ul-Haq was blasted on social media for having multiple affairs and was also cheating on them. As per the reports, a Twitter user had leaked Imam’s WhatApp chats with four women and had accused the cricketer of exploiting women.