India’s great Sachin Tendulkar is hopeful that the forthcoming World Cup will be coming to India. India, who were the 2011 champions will be one of the favourites for the upcoming ODI showpiece. The Indian team has been relentless in the last three to four years and the players will like to bring their best to the table. Meanwhile, Sachin Tendulkar believes it is crucial for the players to get acclimatise to the English conditions.

On the other hand, the Master Blaster believes it is imperative for the Indian players to make the adjustment from T20 format to the ODI version. The Team India players are currently playing in the ongoing Indian Premier League. Thus, it is crucial to switch to the 50-overs version, however, the experience will help them make the slight adjustments into their game.

Sachin Tendulkar (Credits: Getty)

“Good performance in any format is good because it is confidence. The striking of the ball, when it hits the bat and creates that sound that to me is confidence. So, that sound will give a lot of confidence and I feel if you are confident in any format that is what matters,” the legend says.

Tendulkar believes it is all about the confidence of the players. The confidence of a player is always proportional to his respective success.

“Before the team flies to England,” he says, “that is what one should be thinking of, nothing else. When we go there, we will still have some time to make adjustments to the 50-over format. I know the players have played enough cricket to understand that.”

“The World Cup will be played in England, but hopefully, it will be coming to India.”

Meanwhile, the former talisman batsman believes the England tracks are going to be featherbed. In fact, in the last three to four years, the English pitches have been flat and the big scores would be on display in the World Cup.

Sachin Tendulkar, Kuldeep Yadav
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“When we (India) played the Champions Trophy (in 2017),” he says, “the wickets were superb. When the sun is out and it is hot, the wicket gets really flat. I am sure they are going to give beautiful tracks to bat on.”

“I personally don’t think there will be much difference in the conditions unless there is heavy cloud cover. When there is heavy cloud cover, the ball might move around a bit, but that happens in any part of the world for some time,” he says, adding, “I don’t see it happening for a longer duration. Just for a few overs, if at all.”

“If the sun is out like this, I don’t see much of a lateral movement.”

India has a good chance of going all the way in the World Cup. Virat Kohli has a potent side which covers almost all the bases. Thus, the team would like to tick the right boxes in the quadrennial event.