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Former Team India opener and arguably the most destructive batsmen of all time, Virender Sehwag during a talk show named ‘What the Duck’ revealed many secrets of the Indian cricket team and also revealed that how he once lured umpire Asad Rauf to give him not out despite nicking a delivery. The match was against Australia and he left Ricky Ponting dumbfound.

Virender Sehwag was present in the talk show with Anil Kumble, his former teammate who played with Sehwag for a considerable amount of time. Virender Sehwag spoke about how he always wanted to have good relations with the umpires as they decided the fate of the game and the outcome.

He also revealed that he would be talking with the umpires when he was fielding and ask them if they want something special as he was a superstar in India. They would ask for dinner and Sehwag made food arrangements for umpires in Indian restaurants. He would tell them not to take any money from the umpires when they visited the restaurant.

How Virender Sehwag Once Lured Asad Rauf to Give Him Not Out Despite Nicking the Delivery

He revealed that once during a Test match in Mohali back in 2008 against Australia, he nicked a delivery and even the players from the dressing room could hear the edge. As not many people come to watch Test matches, the edge was clearly audible. Despite Asad Rauf ruled it not out and the Australian skipper Ricky Ponting was apparently upset with the decision.

Hence he went up to Virender Sehwag and asked whether he nicked it and in reply, Sehwag said that he obviously did. Ponting questioned Sehwag that why didn’t he walk and in reply Sehwag said,” you’re asking me as if you walk when you nick.” Ricky Ponting then went up to Asad Rauf and said that Viru told him that he nicked it.

Asad Rauf came up to Sehwag and asked him whether he nicked it or not and in reply, Sehwag aptly said that he didn’t nick it and Ricky Ponting was lying.

“While fielding, I used to talk to umpires.I used to joke with them and ask them if they needed anything and that I can arrange it for them because I’m a superstar in India. I was successful in luring a few umpires. Once I was batting at 90 in Mohali against Australia. Asad Rauf was the umpire.

I played a cut shot and it was heard in the dressing room of Mohali because there was hardly any crowd in Mohali. There was a loud noise and he said not out. “Ricky Ponting rushed to me and asked: “Did you nick the ball?” I said: “Yes.” He asked: “Why didn’t you walk?” And I said:

“You never walked. Why are you asking me to do it. Please go and ask the umpire. So he went to the umpire and said: ‘Sehwag said that he nicked it.'” “So Asad Rauf came to be with Ricky Ponting. He asked me if I nicked it. I said: ‘No, he’s lying,” Virender Sehwag said in What the Duck

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