CWC 2019 - Someone's Idea Decided The Winner - Kane Williamson

ICC World Cup 2019 – Someone’s Idea Decided The Winner, Not Cricket – Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson
Kane Williamson. Credits - Twitter

It is still a difficult pill to swallow for New Zealand. The Kiwis lost the final of the World Cup against England on the basis of boundaries count. New Zealand captain Kane Williamson stated it was someone’s idea that decided the winner rather than cricket itself. The scores were level even after the Super Over and the trophy could have been shared between the two sides.

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In fact, New Zealand didn’t have the rub of the green on their side. England was given four extra runs as overthrows when the ball ricocheted off the bat of Ben Stokes. Furthermore, it was later revealed that Kumar Dharmasena should have signalled five runs instead of six.

World Cup
Kane Williamson. Credit: Twitter

It was a devastating loss for New Zealand.

Moreover, the scores were tied in the Super Over. England scored 15 in the Super Over whereas New Zealand also managed the same score.

“It’s a difficult one because essentially it’s someone’s idea that’s decided the final rather than perhaps cricket itself. I feel for our guys but I feel for their guys as well, and probably all the supporters around the world,” Kane Williamson told RNZ Radio network.

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Meanwhile, Kane Williamson had stated that it was a shame the World Cup final was decided by such rules. The Kiwis were unfortunate as the final result was difficult to take in.

“It’s interesting but both sides, all players involved, have played so much cricket throughout their careers … and then here you are on the biggest stage and to be involved in a game where it’s been decided with something that’s so foreign is new to everybody,” Kane Williamson stated.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand team players are always termed as nice guys of International cricket. The Kiwis are known to play the game in the right spirit and Kane Williamson is the epitome of sportsmanship. Williamson added the idea is to play the same in the right spirit so that the New Zealand audience can be proud of the team.

New Zealand
Kane Williamson. (Credits: Getty)

“You can do things a number of different ways. For us it’s not having the idea of being, or living up to a tag of being, nice guys. It’s not that at all. Other teams do things in different ways and we respect that, that’s absolutely fine.

“But for us, it’s coming back to the sort of characteristics and traits we want to uphold when we play cricket. We just want to go about our business in a way that our people are proud to get behind us. Ultimately [you hope] some young kids coming through might be inspired to pick up the game, enjoy it and take it through to some later years,” the 28-year old responded.

New Zealand will play Sri Lanka in the first Test match at Galle on August 14.

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