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It will be probably the first occasion when The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kanpur), would be grabbing headlines due to the cricket inventions.

Interestingly, a professor alongside his two students who belong from IIT Kanpur went on to claim about the study of reverse swing and its procedure in nutshell.

Umesh Yadav
Umesh Yadav feels two new balls system has killed reverse swing in ODIs. Getty Images.

Professor and his wards:

A professor namely Sanjay Mittal who serves at the Aerospace department of IIT Kanpur and his students namely Ravi Shakya and Rahul Deshpande have claimed the discovery of reverse swing.

The trio conducted a thorough study and went on to shed successful light on the process of reverse swing. Interestingly, it is considered as a fuzzy and inexplicit process in modern times.

It is worthy to mention that the process of reverse swing has always remained in headlines following the distinct controversies.

Factors affecting reverse swing:

Professor and his students said they have collected the data from different speedsters around the globe. They had a keen look at their run-up, type of bowling action and the wrist positions while delivering the ball.

On the basis of tabular form, they measured the seam position of the ball. The speed of delivery and the degree of the rough surface of the ball/pitch. And adding weather conditions forms the four basic requirements to generate any amount of reverse swing.

Mitchell Starc,
Mitchell Starc enjoying the wicket after reversing the ball. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

An easy job of reverse swing for medium Pacers:

The study also revealed that it is easy for the medium pacers to attain reverse swing and beseech the enviable moment.

Professor Sanjay claimed that if a pacer will release the ball at a seam position of 20 degrees downwards with a pace or 30 to 119 Kph, he will be blessed with the maximum amount of reverse swing. However, weather conditions prove favourable one for the bowlers.

Professor asserted that a bowler can generate late swing if a bowler will bowl the ball at a velocity that will lie between 119-125 kph with the above formula can produce the reverse swing in the first trajectory and conventional swing in the second.

Practical Usage:

Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram was at its best during his heydays. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

The Aerospace Department of IIT Kanpur eventually planned to apply this method in the real-world model.

However, they are supposed to hand it to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Indian coaches.

Concluding, it will be beneficial for the newcomers to get impressive figures not only in overseas conditions that favour pace bowling. But also in subcontinental surfaces which are prime venues to attain so.

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