India-Australia Limited-Overs Leg Was Too Friendly: Ajit Agarkar

India-Australia Limited-Overs Leg Was Too Friendly: Ajit Agarkar

Ajit Agarkar
Ajit Agarkar (Image Courtesy - AFP)

Former India cricketer, Ajit Agarkar opined that there was too much friendliness in the white-ball matches between India and Australia. While the ODI and T20I series of three matches each, was closely competed – barring the first two ODIs where Australia thrashed the visitors – but there has been a lack of ‘heat’ amongst the two sides as in the bygone years.

Aaron Finch and KL Rahul were seen giggling with each other when the Aussie captain was struck by the ball in his belly region. The Indian wicket-keeper motivated youngster Cameron Green and wished him luck- instead of any sledging one was given in the contests between the sides earlier.

India, Australia
Virat Kohli and Mitchell Johnson [Photo-Google]
There were no stares after a bouncer, no animated celebration by any batter or bowler, nor has anyone yet said any scathing or provoking remarks with less than a week left for the Test series. Yes, the expected intensity which the fans and especially the broadcasters were expecting is sorely lacking from the battles on the field. It’s just the bowler delivers the ball, the batsman plays it, and both carry on with their business as usual.

Forget about the Monkeygate drama or the Virat Kohli-Mitchell Johnson battle; there has been nothing close to the Kohli-Paine exchange of words yet. For once, fans can blame the IPL for sucking some fun out of the rivalry between the two sides.

Tim Paine, Siddharth Mallya, Australia vs India 2018
Tim Paine dealt pressure well. (Credits – Twitter)

It must be ‘killing’ Glenn Mcgrath: Ajit Agarkar

Ajit Agarkar also feels that it is the effect of players playing together in the IPL. Agarkar funnily says that it must be tough for someone like Glenn McGrath to watch the excessive friendliness between these two sides on the field. He recalls the time when they used to play, and there was always someone chirping in the batsman’s ear, but not any abuses.

Speaking to Sony Networks, Ajit Agarkar said, “IPL has made the situation between teams better. But it’s never fun to see. Watching the white-ball leg, it was killing Glenn McGrath. I have played a series against him and although I don’t remember him sledging much, there was always some or the other form of talking. You can feel it. There doesn’t need to be much things spoken and the competitiveness could still be there.”

Kohli-Smith (Courtesy: Twiiter)
Kohli-Smith (Courtesy: Twitter)

Ajit Agarkar, 43, opines that while it’s fine to not sledge but the competitiveness on the field shouldn’t decrease. The former pacer believes that India won the T20I series because they were more competitive than they seemed in the ODIs. Agarkar reckons that as long as there is no ugly altercation, there is nothing wrong in a little bit of banter.

“At times, it is a bit friendly. I know it’s different with every individual and what works for you, you should try and do, but you still want to see that competitiveness. I think that’s what got India over the line in the previous series and how well they played. You could see Virat Kohli there and as long as it doesn’t get out of hands, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a bit of chirping.” Ajit Agarkar added.

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