Former Pakistan player Mohsin Khan is hopeful that India-Pakistan series will take place soon. Mohsin Khan said that Imran Khan will work towards organizing the series between two arch-rivals.

Meanwhile, India and Pakistan only play against each other in ICC events. However, they don’t lock horns due to the political tension between the two countries. The two cricketing nemesis squared off with each other last time in the Champions Trophy. Furthermore, they will take on each other on September 19 in the Asia Cup.

Mohsin Khan, India-Pakistan, Imran Khan
Mohsin Khan with Mohammed Hafeez. (Photo credit should read LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI/AFP/Getty Images)

Mohsin Khan confident that Imran Khan will make the bilateral series possible.

Mohsin said that Imran will not only work towards cricket but also he will try to uplift other sports.

“He is not someone who will only go after cricket. He is going to make sure all other sports do well,” Mohsin told Sportstar on Thursday.

Around a decade back, Pakistan was doing well in all types of sports. Mohsin went on to add that Imran will work towards the overall development of all the sports.

“About 15-20 years back, Pakistan was doing well in cricket, badminton, squash, table tennis, boxing and athletics. Now, he is going to concentrate on overall development of sport,” Mohsin said.

Imran Khan,
Imran Khan to serve as the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. (Photo Credit: AP Photo/Anjum Naveed)

The former Pakistan opener said that mutual respect is crucial. Mohsin who is former Pakistan coach added that the country will respect other nations more under the leadership of Imran Khan. Thus, he is hopeful of a bilateral series between India and Pakistan.

“India-Pakistan series will happen very soon. Mutual respect for each other is important. Imran will make sure that Pakistan respects other countries and we get it back in return,” the 63-year-old said.

It is well known that India-Pakistan relationship has remained sour in the recent past. However, Mohsin believes that Imran Khan will try to sow new seeds which will help the two cricketing nations.

“Our policies with India haven’t been good in the past. The only way relationships can improve is when you have mutual respect for each other. I am sure he will go with the (new) policies. And knowing him, he would go by the fact that you give me respect and I will give you respect,” Mohsin said.