India, Pakistan should resolve their bilateral issues - ICC President David Richardson

India, Pakistan should resolve their bilateral issues – ICC President David Richardson

David Richardson, India, Pakistan
David Richardson (Credist - AP)

How great the atmosphere has been when India locked their horns against Pakistan in the UAE stadium? Those were the sensational games with India outclassed Pakistan convincingly in both the matches of Asia Cup 2018. Meanwhile, the ICC President, David Richardson wants both the teams to settle their issues.

India has stopped playing with Pakistan in a bilateral series owing to the political tensions. They last played against each other in 2008 and since then, they faced only in ICC and ACC based tournaments for the country.

We will facilitate any settlement decision if we can – ICC President David Richardson

The president of the supreme board in the game is happy to serve in every possible way to get back the things in control between India and Pakistan. He added that the issue should not be a national issue and it should be seen in a light way.

David Richardson, India, Pakistan
Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed shakes hands with Rohit Sharma. Photo via Getty Images)

Furthermore, the president went on to add both the respective board members should sort out the issues within themselves. He also declared that they will give their full support for the resumption of cricketing ties.

”We obviously don’t enjoy the fact that two country boards are in dispute between each other. It is a matter between India and Pakistan. We would like the resumption of ties between the two nations on a bilateral basis,” David Richardson said.

“We will facilitate any settlement decision if we can. Other than that, it is up to the two nations,” he stated while speaking during Media Day event at the ICC headquarters.

BCCI, ICC,MCC, Olympics
ICC has been working hard to push cricket into Olympics. Photo Credit: ICC.

On Olympics:

Meanwhile, he expressed his desire to see cricket in the upcoming Olympics. However, the respective country boards aren’t uniting for the cause to take the game to the whole new level.

“I would also like to be in 2028 Olympics but we have no chance of that unless we are united as a sport. We need to improve the marketing of the Test matches. Creating the context and meaning for test cricket is the first step. Clever scheduling, early scheduling- there is myriad of different things that we can do,” he concluded.

However, it would be interesting to see whether the respective boards of India and Pakistan will consider the suggestion made by ICC chief David Richardson. Meanwhile, the clouds over the Olympics is still present.


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