Virat Kohli, India vs New Zealand 2019
Virat Kohli (Photo by Darrian Traynor - CA/Cricket Australia/Getty Images)

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has revealed that booing does not make impact him anymore. Kohli had always loved taking the bull by its horns and never backs down from giving his piece of mind to the opposition. The Indian captain likes to give it back and doesn’t hold a negative bone in his body.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli has now matured and looked settled in his captaincy while leading the team against Australia. Kohli believes he used to get carried away in the early stage of his career. However, he has calmed down in the recent past.

New Zealand vs India 2019, Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli (Credits – Getty Images)

Kohli likes to play in an aggressive manner and he likes to hit the ground running from the get-go. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli has now led with aplomb in the recent past.

“Well, that used to happen in the middle phase of my career. It all started in 2014-15 series (in Australia). So I used to feed off those things then as I needed to boost myself up but now being the captain of the team, I really don’t need to focus on those things,” Kohli said in the pre-match press conference.

However, Virat Kohli understands that the great power comes with great responsibility. Thus, Kohli understands his role as the leader of the side. Kohli is doing a fine job in injecting the passion in the young generation.

“I have a greater responsibility which I understand as it’s an honour to play for the country. I necessarily don’t need the crowd to be on my side or against my side as I have to go out there and do my responsibilities whether there are 1 person or 50,000 people inside the ground, I will have to do my job.

“That’s the mindset that I have been in in the last two or three years. All these things are not what I think about when I go out there to bat,” the India skipper said.

Virat Kohli, ICC Awards
Virat Kohli was at his best in 2018.. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, after a successful tour of Australia, India will lock horns with New Zealand in the first ODI at Napier. Kohli said he has always liked playing in New Zealand. The Kiwis always play the game in the right spirit and Kohli has always respected the same.

“New Zealand is always great place to play cricket. They enjoy and play quality cricket. They support good sportsmanship and good cricket. “I think from that point of view I really enjoyed being here and how the crowd reacts to me or as a team is not what we think about as a side. We purely have to do our responsibilities on the field,” Kohli said.

Virat Kohli has matured as the leader of the side. Kohli is the most consistent batsman in the world and he would like to continue with his good form against the Blackcaps. Furthermore, Kohli bagged the top three awards of ICC and became the first player to do so.

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