India vs Pakistan - The Controversial Moments in Cricket

India vs Pakistan – The Controversial Moments in Cricket

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India-Paksiatn (Credits - Getty Images)

Brace yourselves; it is the time for India vs Pakistan again. After a prolonged gap, the arch-rivals are taking the field to lock horns in the upcoming Asia Cup 2018. And in the recent past, we’ve had witnessed controversial moments between two giants in cricket.

Before heading to the game, let’s look at the controversial moments that took place between India and Pakistan over the years.

Here are the few controversial moments in India vs Pakistan games:

When Javed Miandad and Kiran More involved in a verbal banter:

It was the moment which never fades away owing to the fans’ mind. For the first time, India and Pakistan were facing each other in the ICC World Cup. As expected, the verbal banter between Indians and Pakistanis have happened throughout the game.

Javed Miandad, India, Pakistan, India vs Pakistan
Javed Miandad-Kiran More (Credits – Getty)

Of all, the incident between Miandad and More remembered for a long time.

Miandad, who was batting at the crease, stops the bowler and had a conversation with More. Right on the very next ball, he escapes a run-out within the close quarters and does a weird drill on the field that drew a massive controversy during those times.


The famous Aamer Sohail-Venkatesh Prasad Spat:

Just like many other, the incident that took place between Venkatesh Prasad and Aamer Sohail will always be remembered for so long. It has happened during 1996 World Cup quarter-final game.

Initially, it was Sohail, who thwacked Venkatesh Prasad for a boundary and then signals him with the bat indicating to the boundary.

However, it was all about an epic response from Prasad, who bowled through his gate in the very next delivery. That incident was a huge buzz during those days.

Gautam Gambhir vs Shahid Afridi in 2007:

Gautam Gambhir has always been the aggressive customer. When India faced Pakistan, he usually plays with a spoon of extra aggression.

Meanwhile, the opposition also got the same lad in the form of Shahid Afridi.

India vs Pakistan - The Controversial Moments in Cricket
Gambhir-Afridi (credits – India Today)

It was all started in the middle overs of the game when Gambhir smashed Afridi to the long-on boundary. Gautam had few words to Afridi and took the strike for the next ball. This time Afridi got better of Gambhir as the latter edged it in the vacant slip position.

Meanwhile, Gambhir tried to snatch a single for the team. During the course, he found Afridi in the middle of the pitch and gave a booming dash to him.

However, umpire intervened and pacified the situation.

Gautam Gambhir vs Kamran Akmal in 2010:

It is a bit of Javed Miandad-Kiran More scene. However, this time, the wicket-keeper is from Pakistan, and the batsman is an Indian. It was all started when Gambhir lost his cool for the repeated appealing by Kamran Akmal.

India vs Pakistan - The Controversial Moments in Cricket
Gambhir-Kamran Akmal (credits – India Today)

Gambhir was disappointed to miss Saeed Ajmal’s deliveries on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Kamran often appealed almost every beaten delivery. It irritated Gambhir, who called Kamran during the drinks break to warn him.

When the moment was about to heat up, the calm and composed character Mahendra Singh Dhoni pulled back Gambhir to ease the situation.

However, it was one of the moments which will be remembered for a long time. Perhaps, for quite a few generations.

Harbhajan Singh vs Shoaib Akhtar:

Imagine when two bad boys fight without any measures. Harbhajan Singh from India and Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan are that kind of personalities on the field.

Meanwhile, in one of the Asia Cup matches, they both involved in a duel.

India vs Pakistan - The Controversial Moments in Cricket
Harbhajan-Shoaib Akhtar (Credits -AP)

It was a thriller that was swung like a pendulum. Initially, Pakistan looked solid to win the game, and it turned into India favour. However, the wicket of Gautam Gambhir again turned it for Pakistan.

When it was needed a cameo knock from someone for India, Harbhajan Singh delivered in the unusual situation of the game. He smashed a couple of huge sixes and then roared at Shoaib Akhtar in anger.

Ishant Sharma vs Kamran Akmal, 2012:

Yet another fight that grabbed the headlines for many days. It was the fight between Ishant Sharma and Kamran that got the crowd going when the game was already ending in a thrilling fashion.

India vs Pakistan - The Controversial Moments in Cricket
Ishant Sharma-Kamran Akmal (credits – Getty)

It was 14 runs required off 15 balls for Pakistan and were looking solid to win the game.

Meanwhile, Ishant bowled a beautiful delivery to beat the edge of Kamran and gave the word in his followthrough.

But, Kamran was quick in giving it back, and the fight never rested. They both went on to involve in an altercation which forced MS Dhoni and the umpires to ease the things.

Virender Sehwag calls ”Baap Baap Hotha hey”

2018 U-19 World Cup Virender Sehwag
Virender Sehwag. (Credits – AFP)

It was during the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. The swashbuckling Indian opening batsman was at his peak in giving his opinions on Twitter.

In one of those statements, Virender Sehwag said that ”Baap Baap Hotha hey Aur Beta, beta hi Hotha hai” after the match against Pakistan which was held on June 4.

Initially, he used this dialogue to Shoaib Akhtar when he was smashed to a six by Sachin Tendulkar.

Later, the discussion took Twitterati by a storm throughout the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 which further saw Rashid Latif taking a dig at veteran Sehwag. Other than this, as far as controversial moments are concerned, plenty has taken place in the cricket field.


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