India vs Windies 2018: Rajkot Test, BCCI's ''Standard Practice'' makes SCA unhappy
Shah (credits - AFP)

Whenever the test match happens in India, the major debatable topic has always been the pitch. As per the requirements, curators have always delivered the spin pitches against overseas teams. Later, the very same venues are falling prey for ICC rules. Meanwhile, BCCI once again sent their officials to educate SCA which didn’t go well.

Meanwhile, the BCCI secretary Shah isn’t happy with BCCI sending the officials. He feels that the local curators are well capable enough to prepare the pitches for the International game as they are aware of the conditions.

BCCI curators are calling shots – Shah

Shah isn’t impressed with the board curators involving in the matter of pitch. He added that the curators of local staff are pretty much aware of preparing the wicket without any help from the BCCI’s curators.

Saurashtra Cricket Association. (Credits – AP)

Meanwhile, a Curator, who doesn’t want his name to be highlighted quoted that it is a common practice for BCCI to involve in the pitch issues. He added that even in the Ranji Trophy, the respective board will send their officials.

“The local curators were better off doing their job independently but now that BCCI curators are there, they have taken control and will call the shots. The SCA groundstaff will be there to help and as they know more about the local conditions, I hope their valuable inputs are taken into account,” Shah told PTI on Monday.

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“I don’t know what issue SCA has but BCCI curators helping out the local ground staff and monitoring pitch preparation is standard practice. It happens all the time including in Ranji Trophy. So, I fail to understand what the issue is,” said the curator.

Bouncy pitches for Windies:

It is learnt that the Indian team management has asked for the bouncy pitches against Windies. With the Australian tour on the lineup, Indians would like to take the games against Windies as the good platform.

Coming to Rajkot, it is hosting their second Test ever after attaining the International status. They hosted a game between India and England way back in 2016, which ended in a draw.

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