"It's Just Not OK": James Anderson Wants England Players To Be 'Active' Against Racism

“It’s Just Not OK”: James Anderson Wants England Players To Be ‘Active’ Against Racism

James Anderson
James Anderson (Credits - Getty)

James Anderson has hit the nets with his outswingers but what has hit his mind is the anti-racism protest that has turned out after the death of African-American man George Floyd. His English teammate Jofra Archer was among the last to face racist slur when the team visited New Zealand and Anderson feels players should take more active stance against it.

England will hosting the West Indies for a three-Test series in July. The West Indies team have arrived in Manchester days before to undergo the quarantine period as a mandate by the UK government and to train themselves after the hiatus cricket has seen due to the novel coronavirus pandemic situation.

James Anderson
James Anderson. Credit: Getty Images

James Anderson: It’s been thought-provoking, as players we need to be more active 

West Indies might ‘take a knee’ to join the Black Lives Matter movement and the English players are also finding ways to appeal against racism. James Anderson has said, the movement has been thought provoking, and he wants the players to be more active.

“It’s been a very thought-provoking few weeks for everyone and it’s made me do a lot of thinking,” Anderson said. “As players and as a game we need to be more active. It’s made me think: ‘Have I experienced racism on a cricket field?’ and I couldn’t remember any instances. I wasn’t there in New Zealand [last year] when Jofra was racially abused .

“It made me think if I have turned a blind eye to things. I’d try to support my teammates if they did suffer any sort of abuse but have I been active in supporting them at times like that? Is there more I can do as a player to help the situation?,” he added.

James Anderson, Mankad,
James Anderson. Credit: Getty Images

Anderson also feels one ‘black player’ in the county cricket is not alright and it cant’ keep going, adding that something needs to change in the system.

“The game in general as well – I saw a stat that there’s only one black player in county cricket who’s come through the state system and that’s just not OK. We need to actively make this a game for everyone. It can’t keep going the way it is. It’s just not OK,” he added.

Anderson will seen in action in the first of three-Test starting from July 8.