Jasprit Bumrah Bats For An Alternative In The Wake Of The Saliva Ban

Jasprit Bumrah Bats For An Alternative In The Wake Of The Saliva Ban

Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah with bowling coach Bharat Arun (Credits: Twitter)

Jasprit Bumrah, the current Indian fast bowling spearhead, recently engaged in a freewheeling chat session with former fast bowlers-turned commentators Ian Bishop and Shaun Pollock on the International Cricket Council’s official Youtube page.

From his short run-up to his action, his mentors, and his growing up days, Bumrah talked in depth about a plethora of topics related to his rise as one of the great bowlers of the modern-day era.

Jasprit Bumrah Bats For An Alternative In The Wake Of The Saliva Ban
Jasprit Bumrah (Credits: ESPNCricinfo)

The Indian fast bowler was also asked about his views on the recent amendment in the ICC playing conditions that prohibit the use of saliva by fast bowlers for shining the ball in the post-corona world after a medical advisory deemed it unsafe as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

He was also asked about his thoughts on the ban on high-fives and handshakes and hugs when cricket resumes.

Bumrah said that while he is least concerned about hugs or high-fives, the only thing that interests him is the ban on the use of saliva.

“I was not much of a hugger anyway, and not a high-five person as well, so that doesn’t trouble me a lot. The only thing that interests me is the saliva bit,” added the 26-year-old Jasprit Bumrah.

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Jasprit Bumrah gives his views on the saliva ban

Jasprit Bumrah Bats For An Alternative In The Wake Of The Saliva Ban
Jasprit Bumrah (Credits: Twitter)

Bumrah feels that the ban on the use of saliva will skew the game more in the favor of the batsmen as the bowlers will find it difficult to maintain the ball. The 26-year-old feels that the ICC should come up with an alternative in order to ensure that there is a considerable balance between bat and ball.

“I don’t know what guidelines that we have to follow when we come back, but I feel there should be an alternative. If the ball is not well maintained, it’s difficult for the bowlers. The grounds are getting shorter and shorter, the wickets are becoming flatter and flatter. So we need something.” Bumrah reckoned.

Controversy has galore ever since it came to light that the ICC is mulling over the ban on the use of saliva with several current and former fast bowlers reckoning that it will take reverse-swing out of the game thus tilting the balance more in the favor of the batsmen.

Meanwhile, Anil Kumble, former Indian cricketer and a member of the ICC Cricket Committee, has reiterated that the current measures are on an interim basis, given the present situation with regards to COVID-19.

“This is only an interim measure and as long as we have hopefully control over Covid-19 in a few months or a year’s time, then I think things will go back to as normal as it can be,” Anil Kumble said on Cricket Connected.

“If things get back to normal within three-four months and we are able to stage matches like we used to do in February and March, then these rules won’t apply. As long as the medical advisory doesn’t change, the rule will stay,” Kumble added.

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