Pakistan Legend Asks 'Upcoming Cricketers' To Do Movies If Hairstyle Matters

Pakistan Legend Asks ‘Upcoming Cricketers’ To Do Movies If Hairstyle Matters

Shaheen Afridi
Shaheen Afridi (Credits: Twitter)

Showboating has been a major factor in the modern day cricket. It was not the same during his playing days, said, Pakistan legend Javed Miandad. He also took a cheeky dig at the youngsters and said, if hairstlye matters to them, they should rather do movies and not play cricket.

Javed Miandad: We never worried about looks on field

Javed Miandad
Javed Miandad (Credit: Twitter)

Miandad does not likes to mince words. He said, during his days, nobody used to care about looks on the cricket field as much. The former Pakistan captain also added, spots personalities are role models and should act like exemplary figures as they have a younger fanbase.

“Upcoming cricketers shouldn’t be concerned about their hairstyles etc and if they do, then movies are the right place for them,” he added.

“We never used to care how we used to look on the cricket field. But after the match ends, do whatever you want to do. Sportspersons are role models for young kids and they copy whatever their idols do. One should be careful about what kind of example they are setting for the younger fanbase.”

Javed Miandad tips for young cricketers

Javed Miandad, India, Pakistan, India vs Pakistan
Javed Miandad-Kiran More (Credits – Getty)

Miandad showed young cricketers the right way to go about the game. He said they should not throw away their wickets and enjoy their time in the middle. He also asked bowlers to go out to the nets and practice bowling alone. It would mean they are dedicated to their game.

“They should not throw away their wickets… they should take their time in the middle and enjoy themselves” Miandad said in video uploaded on his YouTube channel. “Same thing goes for bowlers. They should just concentrate on their line and lengths. They should go in the nets alone and practice deliveries. This will mean you are very dedicated to your game.” 

“One shouldn’t take five people along with him for a session and have everything taken care for him. Also, they shouldn’t care about sun, rain or how they appear after practising,” Miandad added.