"This Is Why I Love India": Jonty Rhodes On 'Spirit' Of People Playing Cricket In Quarantine Facility

“This Is Why I Love India”: Jonty Rhodes On ‘Spirit’ Of People Playing Cricket In Quarantine Facility

Jonty Rhodes
Jonty Rhodes. Photo: BCCI

Jonty Rhodes, the greatest ever fielder to have played the game, has a special love for India. He left is home in South Africa to settle in India. Moreover, he has named his daughter after the country. Rhodes has often visited monuments, including Taj Mahal, and various locations in the country with his family.

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Jonty Rhodes

Jonty Rhodes: People ask me often; “what is it about India that I love so much” Need I say any more?

Rhodes has never shied away from showing his love for India. On Thursday, a video of a few people playing cricket in a quarantine facility went viral on social media, showcasing their ‘spirit’ in such a crisis situation. The video depicted a lot of positivity as a few people did not resort to lying in their beds as they took to the game of cricket to bind time.

It is also evident these people enjoyed their bit as a couple of them were seen converting singles into doubles. Rhodes was might pleased with the video and was evidently happy to see people in high spirits in such a situation. He said, people often ask him why he likes India, and then referred to the video adding ‘need I say any more’.

Rhodes retired after scoring 2532 runs in Test and 5935 runs in ODIs. He remains the only player to be adjudged the man of the match for his fielding efforts.