Jos Buttler
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In an unparallel world, Jos Buttler has recently grabbed the attention of headlines. It turned out to be a divergent one as he raised many eyebrows because of his remarks on his bat handle instead of on-field performance.

Verily, it was the bat that does the talking which took social media by storm.

Infamous message on the bat.

In such a surprise, cameraman focused on the top handle of Buttler’s bat during the second test match against Pakistan. There was a message written on it which read ‘F**K It’.

Considering his red-hot form during the recently-concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) and especially in that particular Test, one can understand the gist of the message.

Buttler led his team towards the victory in that particular match with his unbeaten knock.

Change in the slogan.

Talking about the incident, Buttler revealed that he didn’t receive any official warning from the world cricket governing body ICC to remove the slogan.

But Buttler went on to reiterate, he is ready to alter his message by replacing it with a famous football slogan, ‘It’s coming home’. It is worthy to mention the upcoming World Cup is scheduled to take place in England.

“No, I haven’t heard anything. Maybe I’ll have to change it to, ‘It’s coming home!” Daily Mail quoted Buttler as saying.

Jos Buttler
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Buttler explained the message:

Buttler explained the message himself in his latest interview. He said there was no bad intention whatsoever behind the message and he only did it to motivate himself.

“No risk no reward, that’s what it means to me, and it’s in a pretty hard place to spot, and it’s been on there a long time. No one’s seen it before, and if it’s an issue it can be changed.”

The aggressive batsman Buttler is also ready to alter it to the lyrics “Three Lions” which is the anthem of English football team.

Also, Buttler Praised his football team:

Speaking as a vibrant ambassador, the 27-year-old Jos Buttler lauded English football team. Buttler said that throughout the FIFA World Cup 2018, England fans admired their valiant efforts on the field.

Jos Buttler
Jos Buttler is in the form of his life. Credits: Getty Images

“That’s so enjoyable to watch, the footballers pushing to be on the front foot. Being a member of an England side it’s great to see that England team going for it,” he maintained.


“When Leicester City won the Premier League they were great too, they just had no fear, they really took it on. That’s the English mentality summed up. And people staying true to that is great to watch. For us, it’s a point of difference if we’re the ultra-aggressive team.” He further added.

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