Lalchand Rajput Furious Over Interference In Coach Selection, Says Sachin Tendulkar’s Name Being Misused

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar (Credits: Twitter)

Lalchand Rajput, the Cricket Improvement Committee’s (CIC) chief, has alerted the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) president Dr Vijay Patil over batting legend Sachin Tendulkar’s name being misused during coach selection process. The panel had met earlier this week to conduct interviews of 24 shortlisted candidates to coach various Mumbai teams.

On Friday, Rajput wrote an email to the MCA president to alert him about the incident. In his email, the former India cricketer stated that Sachin Tendulkar’s name is being used unnecessarily to put pressure on the panel. He also stated that the batting icon should contact the MCA or the CIC directly if he has any suggestion over the coach selection process.

“We respect Sachin Tendulkar but his name is used unnecessary everywhere to put pressure that Sachin has recommended X, Y and Z. If Sachin has to make any recommendations, he can directly talk to the president and CIC as we all know him very well. Tendulkar is an icon, we respect him and I am sure if he has any suggestions, he has every right to put his views across to us,” Rajput wrote in his letter, according to Mid-Day.

Lalchand Rajput.
Lalchand Rajput. Credits: Twitter.

Rajput wrote the letter in the wake of the media reports that quoted MCA Apex Council member Amit Dani’s email which said “convenors should be available [in CIC meetings] to avoid further misunderstandings.

Interference from Dani:

Rajput has expressed his disappointment over the interference from Dani too. The former Team India manager, who has been an MCA secretary, revealed that Dani  tried to interfere when the coach candidates were shortlisted. Rajput did not shy away from slamming Dani as he rued Mumbai Cricket’s poor situation in recent times.

“I am always open to suggestions and they are always welcome but Amit Dani cannot tell me that I should include X or Y which I have not liked. If anyone would like to know the names, I have got them with me but here I don’t want to reveal them because I am more mature than him, so I will not stoop to his level.

“Now, I know why Mumbai cricket is going down. Being Apex Council members they throw their weight around and get things done. We as CIC members will not allow these things to happen,” said Rajput.

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