Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, BCCI, Lord Ganesha
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It is a common scenario in India that people sought after the god when the things aren’t going right. Much to the same, Indian Cricket also follows the same belief as well. In one of those instances, BCCI constructed a Lord Ganesha temple in the premises of the Rajiv Gandhi International stadium, as the venue never yielded success for the home side.

The incident took place in Hyderabad. While entering into the stadium, one can see a well-built Lord Ganesh temple near the venue. It was constructed in 2011 to avoid the losses for the home side.

Earlier, when India played in Uppal, they never tasted the success thus gaining the name of the ”inauspicious venue” for Team India. Not only for Indian team but also Deccan Chargers failed to win at home at the very same venue.

Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Temple, Lord Ganesha
Rajiv Gandhi Stadium entrance (Credits – Twitter)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni took blessings from Lord Ganesha – Priest Hanumath

After the pundits made their way to the stadium, they asked the officials to construct the Lord Ganesha temple to overcome the Vasthu Dosham. Ironically, India never lost the game since the construction of the Temple.

Speaking of the same, the temple priest reveals the story by quoting, “Neither the Indian team nor the now defunct IPLfranchise Deccan Chargers were winning their matches at this ground.”

Lord Ganesha, Team India
Lord Ganesha. (Credits – Twitter)

“It was proving to be an inauspicious ground for the home teams. Then it was found out that there was ‘Vaastu Dosham’ (a problem in architecture as per ancient Hindu architectural system). Lord Ganesha is the God of Vaastu Shastra. You can check the records and after 2011, the Indian team never lost here. MS Dhoni and Karn Sharma often takes the blessings of the god,” Hanumanth said.

How surprising is to hear that Team India never lost the game after the construction of the temple? All in all, it is a happy-ending for Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, as it took the monkey of their back.

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