Liton Das' Wife Devasri Biswas Injured In Gas Cylinder Explosion

Liton Das’ Wife Injured In Gas Cylinder Explosion

Liton Das, Devasri Biswas, Bangladesh Cricket Board
Liton Das (Credits - Twitter)

In an unfortunate incident, the wife of Liton Das Devasri Biswas suffered injuries following an explosion of the gas cylinder inside the house. On Friday, March 27, she escaped a major mishap while she was making tea in a kitchen. The reports reveal that she is in a safe condition at present with minor injuries.

As per Bangladesh media, it is learnt from the family members of Liton Das that the cylinder was damaged with a hole in it. The leaked gas cause the explosion when Devasri used cylinder to make tea. She covered her face with hands, which made her escape from serious facial burns.

Due to the massive explosion, a part of the cabinet in the kitchen also collapsed on Devasri. Though she suffered some deep scars on her body, it could well be said that the situation could have been much worse. Now, she had recovered from the fire accident but the burns are still visible on her body.

Liton Das, Bangladesh Cricket Board
Liton Das (Credits – Twitter)

I was very much near to death – Devasri Biswas

Speaking of the same, Liton Das wife said that she was scared and thanks almighty for escaping from anything major incident. Devasri explained how she used her hands to cover her face and expressed that it is annoying to receive burn injuries.

“I cannot express my feelings. And that’s not easy for me by any means. I was very much near to death. If I didn’t cover my face with my hands, maybe the whole face would have burnt. Now I have to cut my hair (due to burns). It’s annoying, but I know that I will recover,” Devasri Biswas was quoted as saying in

”I do not know what would have happened if there had been a fire on my face. So, everyone be careful,”  she added.

Currently, Liton Das is with his family, as the country is following lockdown after the spread of a deadly virus. Recently, Liton Das donated half of his salary to the Bangladesh government in a bid to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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