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Last Update on: September 7th, 2018 at 08:21 pm

Former, West Indies cricketer Michael Holding stated that the style of batting and capabilities of Virat Kohli reminds him about Viv Richards.

Virat and Co will be keen to win the last Test match desperately. Meanwhile, India lost the five-match Test series against England. They lost the last test match by 60 runs wherein England sealed the series. Virat Kolhi is been sensational throughout the series. He scored 544 runs in just eight innings and the leading run scorer in the tournament. Virat Kohli scored two massive centuries and three half-centuries wherein he was short of three runs to make it big in the first innings of the third Test.

Moreover, Michael Holding stated that nothing can hamper the class of Virat Kohli.

He will focus on his job and will try to grow himself as much as he can. Furthermore, Viv Richards also added that skipper, Virat Kohli is very excited and emotional much like Viv Richards on the field. He always used to give his full effort for his country and always wanted the West Indies to do well. There was a time when Viv Richards tends to relax of his captaincy job and Michael Holding think Virat Kohli will also do the same.

Michael Holding Stated: "Virat Kohli reminds me a lot of Viv Richards"
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 “I don’t think it will hamper him. I hope that he will grow into the job. He is very exuberant and emotional as captain very much like Viv Richards was on the field. He gave everything for West Indies and he always wanted West Indies do well, but as time went on, Viv tended to relax in the job of captain and I would think and hope that Virat Kohli will do the same. Michael Holding added.

Meanwhile, Michael Holding thinks that when someone is relaxing in his job the other people around him also relax as well. He also said that that the players need to relax and enjoy with their performance. They shouldnt have take every kind of responsibilty on them.

“Because when you relax in a job, the people around you relax as well. If you as captain are on tenterhooks, then the people around you are also on tenterhooks and you don’t want that in a team. You want people around you to relax and enjoy while they are performing at their very best.”

Michael Holding Stated: "Virat Kohli reminds me a lot of Viv Richards"
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India will play their last Test match against England at The Oval ground.

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