Mitchell Johnson is Gearing Himself Up for Motorsport Debut

Mitchell Johnson is Gearing Up for Motorsport Debut

Mitchell Johnson, Motorsport
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Former Australia left-arm fast bowler, Mitchell Johnson is gearing himself to make a debut in motorsport after retiring from all forms of cricket in August, this year.

The 36-year-old speedster, Johnson is ready to make motor racing debut in Barbagallo Raceway in a Formula 1000 series event.

However, Johnson said that he is very passionate about his cars and always used to love his cars. He also added car racing is another feeling that he always used to have in him.

The pace sensation Johnson also added there are many technical things that he has to think about. Johnson remarked starting from brake till the feeling of the car is a lengthy procedure to follow on.

“I’ve always loved my cars, I’ve always had that passion,” Johnson told the Wanneroo Times.


“For me it’s that release – it’s not quite the same as what I got with cricket but it’s a great adrenaline rush for me to get my mind off things. You’re going pretty quick, you’ve got so many technical things to think about – when you’re going to turn into the corner, braking, feeling the car. It’s been a great process – I’m starting to really enjoy it.” Johnson added.

Mitchell Johnson is Gearing Up for Motorsport Debut

Moreover, Johnson recalled when he faced Shoaib Akhtar while he was playing for Queensland. Johnson told that he was like shaking when Akthar was taking a massive run-up. However, he managed to hit a boundary off his first ball.

So much so, Johnson explained that it was a full toss ball from Shoaib and he runs past saying that ‘please don’t hit me’. Johnson asserted it was the same feeling that he is feeling while driving.

“I faced Shoaib Akhtar when I was playing for Queensland,” Mitchell Johnson said.


“He’s got this massive run-up – the first ball, I was sort of shaking there. His first ball, hit for four, it was a full toss and I ran past and said ‘please don’t hit me’. It was almost the same as the first time I was driving out here.” Johnson added.

However, it seems that Mitchell Johnson wants the same pace as him and continues to do so in the fast track of motorsport.

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